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10 Hidden Storage Spaces in Your Home

Storage space in a home is incredibly valuable. Having a place to put everything is not only useful when it comes to keeping your home neat and tidy, but also when it comes to your sanity and peace of mind.
It’s no surprise, then, that people always seem to be looking for more storage spaces in their homes. Lucky for you, we’ve found ten common household spaces for storage that you might not have discovered yet. Take a look at our list and get ready to get organized!

1. Under the bed

Don’t think that dust bunnies are the only things you can keep under beds. That is some valuable storage real estate! Think seasonal clothing and shoes, gifts for the holidays, wrapping paper and supplies, paper towels and toilet paper, or food items with a long shelf life, like canned goods. If you have children in your home, make sure you don’t store anything here that might be dangerous to them.

2. In the pantry

It’s not just for food anymore. Your pantry could easily be used to house cleaning supplies, paper goods, and extra toiletries. Use those really high shelves for storing things you don’t need too often.

3. Above cabinets

For highly visible spaces, keep the visual clutter to a minimum with baskets that hold cleaning supplies or spare linens. If you’re cabinets are more out of sight (in your laundry room, for example), you could easily use the space above them for open storage. Store extra laundry supplies and toiletries.

4. On the walls

Wall space is usually only used for artwork and photographs, but by adding small hooks or simple shelves, you can add significantly to the storage space in your home. Use this wall space to hang scarves and jewelry in your closet, pretty blankets in your family room, and books in your common areas.

5. On the doors

Over-the-door organizers are relatively inexpensive and pretty easy to find. You can use these handy contraptions to store shoes, hats, jewelry, socks, or even bathroom supplies like hair dryers and straightening irons.

6. Under sinks

The cabinets under your sinks are usually some of the largest cabinets in your home, but they can also be the hardest to organize. However, by using stick on hooks, freestanding shelving units, or plastic drawers, you can really maximize this space and turn it into something truly useful.

7. Over the toilet

These are other often-neglected spaces that offer great storage potential. By installing shelves or hooks, you can turn this area into something you actually use. Hold spare towels, extra soaps, and definitely a spare roll of toilet paper.

8. In the garage

Chances are, you probably already use your garage for storage. Of course, you couldn’t probably be smarter about it. Is everything piled on the floor in boxes? Think about getting some shelves installed to help keep things organized.

9. Using your furniture

Make sure you’re using your furniture to its fullest extent. This includes furniture that was built for storage, like bookshelves, consoles, and armoires, but it also includes those furniture pieces that sometimes have storage built in as a special feature—like couches, chairs, ottomans, and beds. If you’re shopping for new furniture, keep an eye out for pieces that will help add storage to your home instead of just taking up space.

10. Outside your home

Okay, so this one obviously isn’t “in” your home, but utilizing rental storage units will dramatically increase the storage space you have in your house. You probably have a facility close by, and you’ll love freeing up all that room!
So take a quick look around your house and see if any of these hidden storage solutions will work for you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to solve some of your biggest storage problems so that you can start enjoying your home more!
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