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12 Months, 12 Projects: A Year of Organizing

Many people want to keep their homes clean and organized all year long, but the task can quickly get overwhelming. Breaking the job up into smaller, more manageable pieces sets yourself up for success.
In that spirit, we thought we’d suggest twelve cleaning/organization projects that are perfect for spacing out over the course of a year. You can start at any point in the calendar year, but with the new year approaching, it just might be the resolution you need to make to get your home in shape.
Here are our ideas for the projects you can do each month.

January: Clear clutter.

It’s a new year and a fresh start, so start with a clean(er) slate. With the holidays behind you, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at all the “stuff” starting to take over your home. Spend this month focused on clearing clutter and keeping only the things you need or truly love.

February: Organize pictures.

This is one of those projects that seems to be on everyone’s “to do” list. Whether you want to digitize your pictures, create scrapbooks or memory books with them, or simply get rid of excess photos, taking the month to get your photos in order will be a huge win.

March: Clean the garage.

While the weather is nice, take the opportunity to organize your garage. Throw away or donate old, broken, or unneeded items, create an organization system that works for you (overhead racks, pegboards on the walls, etc.) and clear some space. If your garage is full of stuff you never use but don’t want to get rid of, rent a storage unit to keep everything safe and out of the way.

April: Closets and bathrooms.

This is when you might start feeling a little spring cleaning fever, so freshen up your home by cleaning out your closets and bathroom cabinets, and deep cleaning your bathrooms if needed (clear drains, scrub tile grout, fix plumbing problems, etc.).

May: Electronics.

May can get a little hectic with school ending, so here’s an easy one: sort through and get rid of outdated electronics, cords, and adapters. Find a company that will recycle them for you, and you’re good to go!

June: Clear clutter.

Time for another clutter clearing month! Clutter is one of those things that tends to add up over time and sneak up on you, so it’s a good idea to revisit this task a couple times a year.

July: Outdoor stuff.

Spruce up your landscaping. Clean those pool toys. Hose off the patio furniture. Wash the outside of your windows. Find a place to keep all those gardening tools. Spend this month focusing on outdoor organization.

August: Office/craft/workspace.

Back to school time! Spend this month organizing your home office, craft room/area, desk, or other workspace. Sort through papers, shred private information, file away important documents, throw away broken pens. Having a clean and organized space to work could make all the difference in your productivity.

September: Books.

Books are one of those things that people love to buy, but hate to get rid of. Give yourself permission this month to get your book situation under control. Curate your collection to only include books you really love, and give away the ones that you won’t read again or that your kids have outgrown.

October: Cleaning supplies.

Cold and flu season is coming. Be ready for it by having a well-stocked, well-organized stash of cleaning supplies. Throw out anything that is old or unused (if you can’t remember when you bought it, it’s probably time for it to go). Have cleaning supplies handy where you need them most (like in bathrooms). Don’t forget to keep anything toxic out of reach of children!

November: Kitchen.

Your kitchen is about to get some extra use over the holidays, so now is the perfect time to clean it out and spruce it up! Make sure your kitchen is well-organized, well-stocked, and deep-cleaned to make all that holiday cooking and baking a little less stressful.

December: Toys.

Keeping toys organized is a tough and ongoing job. At the beginning of December, spend a little time sorting through your toys and keep only what is still loved and played with. If you don’t have kids, take the month off or tackle another organization project of your choice!
And there you have it: one well-planned year’s worth of organizing projects. By the end of the year, your home should be in great shape, and you won’t feel frazzled like you would if you did all these projects at once!
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