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4 Tips for Safe and Effective Storage

Storing items can be a great way to either open up much needed space in your home or hold your possessions while you are in the middle of a move. With there being so many reasons why you would need to use a storage unit to store your belongings, here are some tips to making the process as simple and hassle free as possible.

1. Organize

When getting ready to move your belongings into a storage unit you will want to put everything into an organized spot. For instance, if you are storing a desk, you could use the drawers to store smaller things like nick-knacks, photos, or even things that you want to keep protected. Try to place items that you may need to use down the road towards the front of the unit or in an easy to get to container.

2. Keep it Clean

Putting food of any type in a storage unit is not a good idea. This will attract all the local rodents and insects. Speaking of unwanted critters, it is also a good idea to set up some traps in the corners of your storage unit to help prevent rodents that could ruin your belongings. If you are storing refrigerators, washing machines or dishwashers you need to dry them out before putting them in storage and leave the doors cracked open to prevent mold and mildew. You can also use the insides of these appliances to store more things.

3. Big Things

While storing big things like tables and mattresses there are certain ways to get the most space for your money. For tables, you need to break down the table, if possible, then stand it on its side and put the legs next to it. Mattresses should be wrapped up in plastic. Once they are wrapped up, you should stand them up on the long side and lean them against a wall. If they are put straight up they may bend out of shape if left for too long.

4. Packing it in

When you get to your storage there are some things to do to make it easier to access and better to unpack. First, to protect your things, it is smart to lay a protective layer on the ground for under your goods. Pack your things in uniform boxes so they are easily stacked and so you reduce the chances of having a stack of boxes topple over. Use blankets and towels to protect any breakable items. If you will be accessing your unit more than once to retrieve items be sure to make a pathway that will allow you to get to the things you will need. This will make for quick trips!
These are just a few tips to make storing your personal belongings an easy and organized process. For all you long-term and short-term needs and to hear all your options be sure to call Cactus Self Storage in Glendale at (623) 487-1667

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