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5 Advantages of a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you’re looking for a storage solution in Arizona, there are several things to consider before selecting the right location. You’ll want to think about what items you are storing and how long you’ll be storing them, as well as how often you’ll be accessing the storage facility. Temperature and conditions are also crucial factors to keep in mind, especially in Arizona.
At Gilbert Self Storage, we understand that you have unique needs and expectations when it comes to storing your personal and household items. One of the best tips we can offer is to opt for a climate controlled storage unit. Here’s why…

Keeps Furniture in Good Condition

If you plan to store furniture, it’s important to consider what it’s made of. Solid wood furniture can warp, crack, or even mold in extreme conditions. Mattresses and upholstery can yellow and mold as well. These kinds of large pieces can also absorb odors and suffer other damage when stored in the wrong environment.
Climate controlled storage ensures that your furniture is kept in a cool, dry and consistent setting so that it remains in the condition you brought it in.

Protects Family Heirlooms

Many people have antique photographs, pieces of art, handmade items and other family heirlooms that they care about and want to keep safe. These items can carry deep sentimental value and are most likely irreplaceable. Oftentimes, people will take the time to ensure sentimental items are stored in acid free, clean, dry and secure containers, but they fail to consider where those containers are being stored.
Ensuring cool and dry conditions for all of your belongings is one of the best ways you can protect meaningful items.

Shields From Extreme Weather

Arizona summers can be brutal, with temperatures well over 100 degrees in the summer and dry conditions throughout the year. During the short, but intense monsoon seasons, we see and influx in humidity and massive dust storms, too.
Climate controlled storage units not only maintain an average temperature between 55 and 85 degrees, but they also provide extra protection from rain, wind, and dust, as well as extreme dryness and humidity.

Creates Comfortable Loading/Unloading Conditions

It would be a terrible thing to find yourself outdoors loading, unloading, or accessing a storage unit in the middle of summer in Phoenix or during a rain or dust storm. Not only do you have to put up with the elements, but in situations like these, all of your belongings are exposed as well
Whether you need to access your storage space once a year or several times a week, our climate controlled units ensure that your visit will be much more pleasant.
Before you commit to a storage space, be sure to check out climate control options at Gilbert Self Storage. Consider the advantages we have shared here and weigh the risks. We believe your belongings are worth the added safety and protection that climate controlled storage units provide.

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