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5 Benefits of Practicing Minimalism at Home

We’ve all seen the pictures of minimalist homes. Whether on Pinterest or in everyone’s favorite Scandinavian catalog, the rooms that are sparsely furnished and decorated somehow stand out. And while part of our brains think, “Ah, that looks nice,” another part is probably thinking, “There’s no way I could ever live like that.”
Minimalism is attractive to each of us in one way or another, but it doesn’t seem like an actual possibility. Can people really survive with fewer than one dozen quilts? Can a wall in your home remain standing if it doesn’t have a complicated gallery wall hanging on it? Can a bed even be called a bed if at least 50% of its surface isn’t covered in pillows?
Okay, those are extreme examples. But in reality, minimalism in the home brings many benefits with it. And while many of us may not be able to go all in on a minimalist lifestyle, we really could benefit from incorporating just a few elements of minimalism in our homes. Here are five ways minimalism can benefit your home and family.

1. Less Clutter

Close your eyes and imagine that space in your home. You know, the one that collects all the “stuff” that doesn’t really have a home elsewhere. Did you think of only one space…or more like three or four? When we have a lot of stuff, it’s easy for clutter to start taking over our homes and lives. The more clutter that piles up, the less enjoyable our homes are to live in. Cut back on the clutter, and you’ll take more pride in your space and find more peace and joy in your home.

2. More Time

Minimalists, by definition, only have the things that they need. This means no excess clothes, dishes, toys, linens, and so on. And less stuff is much easier to maintain. Minimalism allows you to spend less time cleaning, picking up, putting away, sorting, organizing, and stuffing things into closets until they’re jam-packed. So go minimalist, and watch your calendar free up a bit.

3. Surrounded by Things you Love

When you commit to owning less, you can be more sure that you’re only going to buy and keep things that you truly love. That means no more artwork you aren’t sure about, no more scratchy sweaters you never wear staring at you in your closet, and no more extra sets of sheets (that never ever get used) taking up precious space in your linen closet. You’ll only see, use, and interact with things that you really love and are deliberately choosing to keep in your home. If that’s not a recipe for a happier home, I don’t know what is.

4. More Money

Minimalists own less, so they also buy less. We’d all probably be amazed at how much of our incomes we spend on things that we don’t really need. Our closets alone can probably attest to this (how many things in there still have the tags on? That’s money wasted.) Accumulating less isn’t just going to be good for your home and the environment, it’s going to be good on your wallet.

5. Less Stress

Our culture is largely one of consumption and comparison. We all seem to be in a race against each other to have the newest versions of the most things, all the time. One of the big benefits of a minimalist lifestyle is that it quickly shows you that you don’t need more stuff to be happy. In fact, as we discussed above, the opposite is often true. Minimalism is a great way to slow down, practice a little gratitude, and enjoy what you have, rather than rushing to get the next thing.
If any of these benefits appeal to you, you might want to give minimalism a try! There are plenty of small steps you can take towards becoming more minimalistic, and even those little adjustments can cause big changes in your home environment. This is one case where less really can be more.
If you’re not quite ready to get rid of your extra stuff for good, consider putting it in a self storage unit. Arizona Storage Centers offers secure storage units with a variety of features, including temperature controlled units, to safeguard even your most valuable items. With locations in Phoenix, Deer Valley, Glendale, Chandler, and Gilbert, Arizona Storage Centers is easily accessible to help make self storage easier for you. Give us a call at 480-386-6022 for more information. We look forward to serving you!

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