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8 Tips for Getting The Best Deals on Storage Units

8 Tips for Getting The Best Deals on Storage Units

Are you looking to store your belongings before you head out on an adventure, or perhaps you’re moving into the city and you don’t have enough space in your new loft to hold all of your stuff. Whatever you choose, you’re probably on a budget looking for the best deals on storage unit near you that also offer some great perks.

1. Look nearby so you don’t have to drive very far

It’s important to find storage units nearby so you don’t have to make the trek across town. Most storage facilities offer competitive pricing, so be sure to ask what promotions they have going on.

driving on the road to a storage facility

Storage units nearby are always the best choice for most people. If you need anything that is inside, you will have access to it 24/7.

2. Don’t get climate control if you don’t need it

Unless you’re in Arizona or somewhere else hot year-round, you probably don’t need a climate-controlled unit. Choosing a standard unit can save you a lot of money in the long run. However, make sure you don’t have any electronics or things that can melt during the summer months.

storage unit with no drive up access

A storage unit with no drive-up access will require you to haul your belongings using a dolly or cart. However, you can usually find a better deal for these units.

3. Don’t choose one with drive-up access

This is only a great idea if you have someone else that can help you haul your belongings. If you don’t have furniture or large items, this will save you some extra cash. The extra bonus of non-drive up units is that they’re indoor spaces and have an added layer of protection.

4. Choose a small unit

If you can measure and stack items, you can utilize the space efficiently. Packing stackable plastic totes and crates can keep you well organized and help protect your items. Here’s a list of spaces available at Arizona Storage Centers so you can get an idea of what size you’ll need:

5×5 – Hall closet or dorm room with small furniture such as chests drawers or chairs plus boxes or small items. Office or personal records and/or workmen’s tools and equipment.

5X10 – Small to Medium walk-in closet with some furniture such as sofa and chair, chest of drawers or dresser, spring and mattress set, plus small items and boxes. Outdoor furniture, lawnmowers, garden tools, bicycles, motorcycles.

10X10 – Small Bedroom furniture from a small one bedroom apartment without appliances, small boxes and small items.

10X15 – Large Bedroom furniture from a two bedroom apartment or small house. Miscellaneous items, or a small car.

10X20 – Average One Car Garage with Furniture from a two bedroom house with appliances. Miscellaneous items. A small car or truck.

10X25 – Large One Car Garage with contents from a 26 ft. moving van. Furniture from a three bedroom house with appliances. A car or small boat. Commercial storage, inventory and equipment or construction materials.

10X30 – One and a Half Car Garage with contents from 40 ft. moving van. Furniture from a four or five bedroom house with appliances. A car or small boat. Commercial storage, inventory, and equipment or construction materials

5. Buy your own lock

You probably won’t save a fortune buying your own lock but it’ll save you a little. You can avoid paying higher prices from lock companies that rent or sell to you. Make sure to buy a high-quality lock that won’t break easily.

6. Pay upfront

If you know you’ll be renting for a long period of time, most storage facilities will give you a discount for pre-paying your rent. Just be sure there is an option for prolonging your rental if the situation demands.

Person signing storage rental agreement

It’s always a good idea to ask your storage facility if they have any promotions before moving forward with the rental agreement.

7. Rent long-term

In a similar fashion to #6, try opting for a long-term rental, at least a year or more. This will usually result in a decent discount on your monthly rental rates. Just be aware of the penalties if you decide to terminate the contract early.

8. Compare your options

Do your homework, write it out and compare storage prices before you make a decision. Many facilities such as Arizona Storage Centers offer one month free with pre-payment. There may also be moving trucks on the property that can help with your move and make it easier.

If you need some tips on how to choose a storage unit, we recommend reading some of our customer reviews that are available on Google or our website. Make sure you look through them and not the overall rating. You should be looking for comments regarding security, climate control, customer service, etc.

You should never neglect security. After all, they’re keeping your valuables. Your storage facility should be equipped with security alarms and cameras. There should also be a storage manager onsite in case of any emergencies or questions. You want your belongings protected and also the desire to feel safe when entering alone or in the evening.

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