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How to Sell Used Furniture

Selling used furniture is a pretty common thing these days. The Internet and social media has made it easier than ever for just about anyone looking to make money by selling used furniture in just about any condition.
If you’re looking to sell used furniture, you might be wondering how to best go about it. Here are some of our best tips!


Include ALL relevant information in your listing.

This includes:
When the item was purchased

Brand and style name (if applicable)
Detailed measurements
The item’s condition (more on that later)
Asking price and whether or not you are open to offers

Be upfront about the item’s condition.

Being perfectly honest about your item’s condition isn’t just the right thing to do; it will keep you from wasting time with buyers who become uninterested in the item after discovering its flaws. Save everyone the trouble and disclose everything related to the condition of your item, including chips, dings, scratches, faded paint, and dysfunctional or missing hardware.

Include pictures.

Along those same lines, make sure you take some pictures of the item so your potential buyers get a good look at how awesome it really is. Take pictures in good lighting, from a few different angles. If you can, clear off the furniture before taking the picture, and take the time to dust it or wipe it down if needed. Make sure to include pictures of any flaws or imperfections.

Price fairly.

Most people shopping for used furniture expect to get a great deal. You might feel like you are selling your items at an incredibly low price compared to what you paid for it, but the truth is, you will have a hard time selling your item if you don’t offer sellers a steep discount. Of course, this will depend on the age and condition of your item, but don’t be surprised if you only recoup about 50% of what you paid in the first place.

Post a listing in several places.

Your listing can’t be successful if no one sees! Post in a variety of places, using special selling apps (like OfferUp and LetGo), social media (Facebook and Instagram), and websites (Craigslist and Ebay). Once you’ve sold a few items, you’ll probably learn which platforms you like best and stick to those, but it’s never a bad idea to give your listing more exposure.

Beware of scams.

These days, it’s pretty much common sense to be especially careful with people you “meet” online. This is especially true for people responding to your listing when you’re selling something. Make sure you only accept cash (though in very rare circumstances you can use Paypal, which will offer you some protection but charge a fee, or Venmo, which won’t offer any protection but could be a good option if you’re selling to a friend or a friend of a friend). Also, only deal with locals. If someone asks you to ship an item, or offers to pay you with a check, chances are, it’s a scam.

Meet in public.

Safety first! It’s always wise to meet in a public place where other people will be around. If possible, take a friend or family member with you to the exchange.
Following these steps will help you sell your used furniture quickly and safely. Best of luck as you journey into the world of furniture selling! (And stay tuned for another post about buying used furniture, too!)
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