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How Your Business Could Benefit From a Storage Unit

Business owners are usually independent go-getters, but even they need a little help sometimes. This is especially true when it comes to finding a place to store everything your business needs. If you’ve ever considered getting a self-storage unit to help out in your business, here are a few reasons why you should go for it.

Save money.

You might wonder, “Why would I pay for extra storage space? I can just store everything at my office, right?” Well, sure you can. But remember that your office space is even more expensive. Commercial real estate is notoriously pricey, and if you’re not using that space to help your business make more money, you might be wasting it. Move anything you don’t need immediately to storage; you’ll pay less for the square footage and it will free up your office space for more billable activities.

Store your inventory.

If your business keeps inventory, you’ll probably find yourself with some extras on hand…constantly. Don’t let the extra boxes, bags, and products clutter up your precious office space. Keep your inventory in a self-storage facility that’s close by. You’ll be able to get to it whenever you need it, and you’ll have a little more room to breathe in your office.

Stash equipment.

Depending on your business, you may have equipment that you don’t have a constant need for. Maybe some of it is seasonal. Maybe it’s job-based (you only need it as work comes in). Or maybe you have a mobile business and nowhere to store your expensive equipment between jobs. Whatever the reason, self-storage can help keep your equipment safe and sound until you’re ready for it.

Keep documents safe.

Business ownership comes with a lot of paperwork, and most of it is too important to just get rid of. On the other hand, keeping it around takes up a lot of valuable storage space, and you’re probably not looking at those documents too often. Self-storage gives you a safe, reliable storage solution that still gives you easy access to your documents when you really need them.

Storage during a move or remodel.

If you’re moving or remodeling your business, you have enough to think about without trying to figure out where to store all your stuff. Take your furniture and equipment to a self-storage unit, and focus on more important things! You can rest easy knowing your stuff is well-protected. You can even get a climate-controlled unit if you’re worried about sensitive items getting damaged by temperature changes.
For these reasons and more, a self-storage unit could greatly benefit your business. Take a minute to evaluate your business needs, and you just might see how self-storage could help you be more efficient and more profitable!
Arizona Storage Centers has facilities throughout the Phoenix area, all of which offer secure self-storage options for individuals and businesses. We have centers in Phoenix, Deer Valley, Glendale, Chandler, and Gilbert, for reliable, accessible storage, no matter where you are. Drop by one of our centers today, or call us at 480-386-6022.

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