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Long-Term Storage Tips

People need and use self-storage units for a variety of reasons. Businesses and restaurants will often keep their seasonal décor and products in storage until they are needed. Families moving from one home into another will use a storage unit to temporarily house their possessions until they are ready to move into their new residence.
For others, using a self-storage unit is more of a long-term solution where they can keep their belongings and access them as often as they need to. We have several of these long-term clients here at Arizona Storage Centers. Many of these clients use their storage unit as an extension of their home, storing everything from seasonal clothing, tools and various other important items in a location that is clean, safe and easy to access.
For those who are planning to use their self-storage unit for the long term, we have some tips and suggestions that will help keep your items in tip-top shape and that will also make packing and unpacking more efficient.

1. Keep it Clean

When you’re in and out of your storage unit often, it’s easy for things to get messy. Small papers and other trash can begin to build up and before you know it, you’re storing garbage along with your valuables. Keep a broom and maybe even a small trash can in your storage unit for any small messes that may occur.

2. Stay Organized

No matter how well you may have loaded your storage unit, if you’re not careful, it can become very unorganized in a hurry. For example, you might stop in on a Saturday to look for a specific item you need. You’re in a hurry, so you don’t stop to put boxes and totes back where they came from. It only takes a few visits like this before your entire unit is in disarray. Remember to spend a few extra minutes at each visit reorganizing and cleaning up.
One thing that we recommend for our long-term guests is that they create an inventory of all of their items that they are storing along with which box they’re in. It certainly takes more time when you initially put things in storage but When it comes time to find that specific item in a sea of boxes, you’ll be glad you know which box to look for.

3. Use Quality Supplies

If you’re only planning on keeping things in a box for a short time, then it probably doesn’t matter how good of a box you use. But if your intention is to keep items in storage for years at a time, it would be wise to invest in quality boxes or strong plastic totes. The same can be said for other storage supplies, such as packing tape and shelving. It only takes one cheap box to implode before you have a big mess on your hands.

4. Choose the Bigger Option

One of the biggest mistakes we see long-term storage clients make is trying to cram too much into a unit that is too small. If you know you will be using your unit for a while, you are probably better off going with a slightly bigger unit. This will give you space to get in and out of your unit and move things around without being too cramped.
These are just a few of the ideas and strategies we suggest for long-term storage. To learn more or to see the options we have available, including climate controlled units, call us at 480-386-6022.

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