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Moving Out of a Rental? Do These 5 Things First

Moving is usually a bittersweet affair. It can be exciting to move on to a new home and new chapter in your life, but as anyone who’s moved before can tell you, moving is also a lot of work.
When you’re moving out of a rental home, there are some extra things to take into consideration. You want to go the extra mile to make sure the home is clean, in good repair, and ready for the next tenant. You want to get that deposit back, after all! Here are five things that you absolutely must do when you’re moving out of a rental home.

Give notice ASAP.

Any landlord is going to appreciate having a good amount of notice before you move out. Be sure to look at the terms of your lease to be clear about how much notice is required, and then give your landlord written notice within the appropriate time frame. If there is anything about the move-out process that your lease does not make clear, ask your landlord for clarification. Sticking closely to the terms of your lease will work in your favor when it comes to getting your deposit back.

Take care of the technicalities.

This is true for any move, but if it’s not taken care of, it can be particularly annoying to your landlord or apartment complex. Make sure you set up a forwarding address for your mail (this can be done online within 30 days of your move) and schedule for your utility accounts at that address to be turned off when you move out. Schedule a reminder for yourself to update your billing and shipping addresses after you move, potentially saving you from costly mistakes.

Make repairs.

Depending on your responsibilities (as defined by the lease), you’ll probably have some small repairs to complete before you move out. This will likely include things like patching holes, repairing dents in the walls, replacing broken fixtures, and so on. If you do have to repair something that requires painting, talk to your landlord about whether or not they have any extra paint from the last time the home was painted. This could save you from a painful color-matching process, or from having to repaint the entire room or house.

Deep clean.

The less work your landlord has to do after you move out, the happier they’ll be. If you can hire professional cleaners, you should. That will be your best bet for getting the house in tip top shape. If that’s out of your price range, make sure you take your time giving the home a good deep clean. Clean the appliances, inside and out. Rent a professional carpet cleaner and clean the carpets well. Dust light fixtures, fan blades, and window treatments. Scrub marks off the walls. These things will go a long way towards making the home ready for its new tenant.


After you’ve completed repairs and cleaning, take some time to walk through the house and document the work you’ve done. This is just a precaution you should take to protect yourself in the event that your landlord tries to argue that you didn’t leave the house in good condition. A video would be best, since you can also narrate as you go.
No matter what, moving is probably going to be a lot of work. Make life a little easier when you’re moving out of your rental by following these five tips. Good luck!
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