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Preparing for a Summer Move in Phoenix AZ

Ready or not, summer is here! For those living in the Phoenix, Arizona area, that means any and all outdoor activities are going to be extra hot. If you have a move coming up during the summer months, it’s a good idea to be prepared to avoid heat exhaustion or dehydration. Here are some tips to follow to make sure your summer move goes smoothly:

Have a Plan

When you’re moving in the middle of the summer, it’s best to strategically plan your move for times of the day when the heat is at its lowest. This is typically early in the morning or after the sun goes down in the evening. Be sure to plan accordingly, by scheduling moving vehicles and your moving crew for those times of the day.
Spend the daytime hours packing boxes and prepping indoors so that you’re ready to do the actual moving in the cooler hours of the day. If you are planning to move some of your possessions to a storage unit, be sure to check what hours you have access to it.

Light Loads

Moving can be a physically demanding task no matter what the weather is like outside. The summer heat can make moving even more taxing than normal. Do your best to keep your loads light so that you can move quickly from point A to point B. Avoid heavy loads that require you to spend more time outdoors and in the sun. Save your bigger items for cooler times of the day, such as early morning or evening.

Dress Appropriately

If you know you will be moving during the summer, be sure to dress accordingly. Wear light and loose clothing to stay as cool as possible. T-shirts and shorts allow you to keep moving even when the heat starts to take its toll. But be careful! Not all summer clothing works when you’re moving. Avoid wearing sandals or flip-flops that may result in injury.

Stay Hydrated

Above all else, be sure to drink lots of fluids when you move during the summer. Have lots of water on hand and drink it often. When you’re moving around in the heat, you can easily become dehydrated without realizing it. This can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke and can be very dangerous. Take breaks often to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.
If you’re planning for a move this summer and know that you will need a self-storage unit, call Cactus Self Storage in Glendale today to learn more about the options we offer. Our tenants are able to access their storage units both early in the morning and in the evening so you can avoid the heat. Also, ask us about our climate controlled units that stay refrigerated throughout the summer. Call today at (623) 487-1667.

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