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Safety First! Health and Safety Tips for Moving Day

When you’re planning a move, your attention is pulled in a lot of different directions. You’re thinking about the best day to move, getting helpers lined up, and making sure the utilities will be turned on in your new home. Whether you like it or not, a move is a time of multitasking.
With so many things on your mind, it’s easy to see how health and safety could potentially take a backseat to other things during a move. But ignoring these things on moving day could lead to injuries that last long after your last box is unpacked.
Here are a few moving safety tips you should keep in mind for your next move.

Wear the Right Shoes.

With all the walking and lifting going on, you want to make sure you’re wearing shoes that will protect your feet during your move. Wear something with a closed toe and closed heel, to protect your feet in case something is dropped, and to make sure your shoes aren’t falling off. You’ll also want something that has plenty of cushioning and support, for your comfort, and some grip on the sole, for your safety.

Wear Gloves.

Moving wood furniture and cardboard boxes can wreak havoc on your hands. Wear sturdy gloves to help avoid splinters, cuts, scrapes, and excessive dryness.

Stay Hydrated.

As is the case when you’re doing any physical activity, it’s important to stay hydrated throughout your move. Have plenty of water on hand for yourself and for any helpers you have.

Don’t Lift Alone.

If you’re not sure about whether you’ll be able to lift something on your own, ask for help! Better safe than sorry.

Lift with your Legs.

Speaking of, it’s good to keep in mind this time-honored advice. Try not to strain your back when lifting. Instead, lift with your legs. This will give you more support and will help you avoid a back injury.

Get the Right Gear.

Make sure you have dollies (hand trucks) on hand to help you with heavy lifting. You should also make sure that everything is secured well with packing tape and any other protection needed. Make sure boxes aren’t ripping or opening before you lift them.

Call the Pros.

If you have items that are especially fragile or otherwise difficult to move (e.g. a piano), it might be time to hire professionals to help out. This will take a load off of you (literally) and make sure your prized possessions are handled with the utmost care.

Drive Safely.

If you’ve rented a moving truck or trailer for your move, you may have to adjust your driving style accordingly. Be especially aware of your turning radius and stop time.
By sticking to these rules, you should be able to get through your move without injuries or accidents. As important as it is for your belongings to get to your new home in one piece, it’s much more important that you get there safely!
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