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Storing Vehicles in Self Storage

Vehicles comes in many shapes and sizes, so is our self storage facilities. size doesn’t matter at Arizona Storage Centers , if you need the space we have got the place.

  • Low storage rates
  • Great move in
  • Expertise vehicle care

Boat Storage

You can’t park a boat just anywhere. These large, sea-going vehicles are considered eyesores in many deed-restricted communities and not allowed to be parked there. Apartment parking lots aren’t usually set up to park boats, either. You may be able to park one in your driveway or yard if you have a house, but you’ll have to keep a security system on it and a close eye on it whenever you can, because boats are subject to theft when left out in the open in an unsecure place. Storing them at a marina is very expensive.

Our self storage facilities are setup to perfectly accommodate boats.  Our facility is gated, with a gate code required to get in, you can store your boat and be confident in its safety from theft. It is in the most secure place it could be, while still being affordable to store.

Our self storage facilities allow boats and other vehicles to be parked in big lots towards the back behind the sheds. These are storage spaces of their own. Customers pay for those spaces to park and store RV’s, boats, and other large vehicles they can’t keep on their own property.

There is great convenience in keeping your boat at our self storage facility. You can take it out on the water whenever you like and bring it back when you’re done, knowing its spot will still be there. You can also feel secure in its safety when you leave.

Auto Storage

Maybe you have more cars than you have room on your property. Maybe you have a special collector’s item car that you want to keep safe. You can’t just fill your driveway and yard up with cars, or keep an especially valuable car where it might be vulnerable to thieves. Many neighborhoods have restrictions on parking on the street or in your driveway and require you to park in your garage.

Those that do allow driveway parking may not allow on-street parking. Even communities that are older and not deed-restricted often have zoning ordinances from the city about storing cars in your yard that aren’t being used. Unless you live way out in the country with a lot of property to house your vehicles, you’ll have to find another place for auto/car storage.

Fortunately, our self storage facilities have auto/car storage available. Most of our units are big enough so you can park a regular car or a collector’s car. Your vehicle is safe at our self storage facility.

If you have more than one car to store, you may rent more than one space. It’s that simple. We offer outside spaces for parking storage which may suit you better depending on your auto/car storage needs.

RV Storage

There are not many places that you just can’t park an RV. They are exceptionally large vehicles, and not every place is equipped to handle them. Most apartment complexes are off-limits for RVs. Your house may be, too, unless you have a special parking area for it. If you live in a deed-restricted community, the community guidelines may not allow RVs to be parked anywhere they could be seen by other community members. Unless you want to park your RV in your backyard and make sure the fence is tall enough to keep it hidden, you’re going to have to find some good RV storage.

Fortunately, our self storage facilities allow you to store your RV right on the premises.

Storing an RV is essentially like long-term parking at a self storage facility. Instead of paying for a storage shed, you’re paying for a parking space there, as well as the security that accompanies it.

Most of the time, the fee for storing an RV is the same as the price of a shed, or even a bit less at some places. Since you’re only storing one thing, you won’t pay a fortune.