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Should You Hire a Moving Company?

Moving can be such an overwhelming and challenging task that just thinking about it often can lead to stress. It requires time and energy to not only do the physical work, but also the often more laboring mental work of planning, strategizing and organizing. For many, moving is such a big job that they would rather just pay a professional moving company to do the work for them.
The dilemma of whether or not to hire movers is a tough one to crack. On the one hand, you’re faced with an additional and not so little expense for something you could do yourself. On the other, you could be facing damaged furniture and injury that might have long-lasting effects.
Here are a few things you should consider when deciding whether or not to hire professionals for your next move:


How far you will be moving should definitely be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to use professional movers. If your new home is just a short 30 minute drive across town, you’re probably okay to handle the move on your own. Call a few buddies and some family over to help and have the whole move done before you know it.
It’s an entirely different story when you’re moving across the country. Not only will you want to pack your belongings with more care and precision, but you’ll also want to be sure that they are covered in case of damage. Long distance moves require more work and more attention on other things. It’s wise to leave the moving part to the pros.


This is most likely the most relevant issue when it comes to hiring a moving company. If you’re in a situation where your employer is paying for the move or you have ample room on a credit card, then hiring a moving company may be a no-brainer. There are even ways to do some of the moving on your own to cut back on costs, such as loading and unloading the truck yourself. If money is really tight, then hiring movers may be out of the question.


One thing to think about as you plan your move is who will be responsible for the packing of boxes. Some moving companies offer services that include boxing your items up for you before they load them onto their trucks. This might sound great until you consider the unpacking. Let’s face it, no one knows your stuff like you do and it may not seem so great at the end of a move to be forced to go digging through boxes to find specific items.
Whether you work with a moving company or not, it’s always nice to know that the items you want to store will end up in a clean and accessible facility like Cactus Storage Centers. Find out more about the options we offer by calling 480-386-6022 today.

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