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Smart Ideas for Storing Your Holiday Decorations

We all love the holidays, but let’s be honest—we also let out sighs of relief when they’re over. Slowing back down and getting back to normal can seem very refreshing and much needed after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.
Of course, even the post-holiday time period can bring it’s own stressors: returning unwanted gifts, working on losing the extra weight you gained, and of course, putting away all those holiday decorations.
If you’re stumped on the best way to store all those brightly-colored knick-knacks, never fear. We’ve come up with some smart ideas that will make your holiday decoration storage much easier on you and your home.

Use Smaller Containers

Smaller boxes will keep delicate ornaments from getting smashed under too many other decorations. They’ll also help you stay organized.

Throw Things Away

Let’s face it—you probably have a few too many holiday decorations. As you’re packing them up, take note of anything that is broken, or anything that you simply don’t love anymore. Getting rid of these things will make storing your decorations much easier.

Use Special Boxes

Nowadays, it seems like there are specific boxes for major holiday decorations, like trees, ornaments, and wreaths. While these specialized storage solutions may not be necessary, they’ll certainly take away some of the headache of cramming all your items into larger, generic storage containers.

Rent a Storage Unit

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all those holiday decorations out of your hair (and your garage) for the next 11 months? Free up a ton of room in your garage or closets by renting out a self-storage unit for storing all your decorations. You can get a smaller unit if only your decorations will be in it, or a larger one if you have more items to store.

Wrap lights carefully

The tangled strands of lights are the traditional holiday decor nuisance. Avoid it next year by wrapping your strands of lights carefully and thoughtfully. You could even consider storing each strand in its own plastic bag to ensure that it doesn’t get tangled up with any other strings of lights.

Keep The Wrapping Separate

No need to keep your Christmas wrapping paper in the same place as all your other wrapping paper. Get a box specifically meant to hold holiday wrapping, and store it away with the rest of your decor.

Use softer items to your advantage

Have holiday pillows, blankets, towels, or sheets? Use those things to wrap more fragile items so they don’t get broken by other things weighing down on them in the box. Make sure you leave a note for yourself so you don’t break anything when you go to unpack everything next year.
By taking a little extra care when packing and storing your Christmas decorations, you can turn a project that is usually a hassle into a chance to get more organized. Your “next year self” will thank you!
AZ Mini Storage in Phoenix offers many different self-storage options for storing holiday decorations and more. Call us at 602-971-6645 to see if one of our convenient Valley locations will be able to help you with your self-storage needs.

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