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Storage Organization Tips

Have you ever been standing in front of an empty storage unit and heard that little voice in your head that says “Well…it ain’t going to pack itself!”? If only it could pack itself! For many who have used self-storage units in the past and for those who are considering it, knowing how best to pack and store items in your allotted space can be a very difficult challenge.
At Cactus Self-Storage, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to self-storage organization. Not only have we had our own experience with loading or unloading units, but we’ve had the opportunity to see what the hundreds of our clients have done, both the good and bad.
Here are a few storage organization tips that we hope will help you get the most out of your experience with self-storage:

1. Use the Right Supplies

As you approach your storage strategy, remember that the more you put into it, the better off you will be. Use good quality boxes and tape that will hold. Don’t be afraid to invest into a few heavy duty totes for heavier or more valuable possessions. Avoid using large trash bags in the place of solid boxes. Also, do your best to avoid the temptation of using second-hand boxes that are old and worn-out. This may seem like the least expensive option, but you may end up paying for that decision down the road.

2. Have a Strategy

You don’t have to spend weeks and weeks planning your storage strategy, but do spend some time and effort mapping out the unit and coming up with an idea of how you will use the allotted space. This includes knowing where you will place your larger items as well as the stuff you will need to access on a regular basis. Don’t just show up and start throwing stuff into storage.

3. Boxes

Using boxes in an appropriate and efficient way can definitely keep you organized. Be sure to box up as much as you can. Keep in mind that everything outside of a box is more exposed and more likely to attract dust. You can and should fill boxes to their capacity. This will make a huge different should items shift or change while in storage and it also makes them easier to stack. Remember to try and distribute the weight evenly in a box as much as possible.

4. Be Creative

If you are paying attention as you begin to fill up your storage unit, you will notice that there are many more open spaces than you probably first realized. Don’t be afraid to use these empty spaces as needed. For example, if you are storing a bookshelf, be sure to actually use the shelves while it sits in storage. Fill hollow spots that might show up between stacked furniture with smaller boxes and items.
Cactus Self-Storage has helped many hundreds of people get started with their self-storage needs. Call us if you have questions – (623) 487-1667.

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