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Storage Tips for Growing Families

If you are a parent, you know first hand how expensive it is to provide for child. From proper bedding to toddler toys and all of the many other supplies children need, it’s easy to spend a fortune on just one child. For growing families who are planning on having more than one child, expenses can easily spiral out of control if you’re not careful.
Fortunately, many of the supplies you purchased for baby #1 can often be used as other babies enter the family. If you are willing to take good care of the them and store them carefully, you’ll find that the baby products you purchased can be used over and over again. Here are a few tips for storing baby supplies:

1. Keep the Crib

Cribs are one of the biggest expenses of having a baby. If the cost of a crib surprises you, just wait to see how quickly your baby grows out of it. Once your child is old enough to sleep in a toddler bed, you might be inclined to get rid of the crib. But if you’re planning on having more kids, we suggest carefully dismantling the crib and storing it someplace safe. That crib will come in handy when baby #2 comes along.

2. Baby Hand-Me-Downs

While teenagers might despise the idea of wearing hand-me-downs from their older siblings, babies have no idea what they are wearing. When a second, third or fourth child arrives, you’ll be patting yourself on the back when you have a dresser full of lightly used clothes from your first baby. Fortunately, baby clothes are easy to store and can definitely save you some money.

3. Some Old Toys are as Good as New Ones

It’s easy as a first time parent to go a little overboard when it comes to buying toys for your baby. But most parents are quick to realize that they simply cannot afford an entire new set of toys for each baby that comes along. Instead, thoroughly clean and sanitize your first child’s toys and keep them boxed up for the next baby. You’ll find that your baby will love those old toys just as much as they do new ones.

4. High Chairs, Bouncers and Other Baby Supplies

There are a number of baby supplies that you may have purchased or received as a gift when you had your first child that were hardly used at all. Play pens, strollers, high chairs and floor loungers are just a few examples of items that still have plenty of wear and tear left in them after your first baby. While these items do take up storage space, they are worth hanging onto rather than having to re-purchase them when your next baby arrives.
Are you an expanding family looking for extra storage space for your baby supplies? Call Arizona Storage Centers today to find out about our small 5×5 closet units – the perfect size for storing baby supplies in a clean and safe environment. Call 480-386-6022.

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