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Things to Consider When Storing Valuables

Most people would much rather keep their valuables with them rather than leaving them in storage. However, there are instances when there simply is no other choice. If you are planning on storing valuables such as antiques, paintings, tools, important documents, etc., there are a few important things to consider to make sure they stay safe.
Choose a Safe Location
You’ll want to make sure you find a self-storage facility that is safe and well protected. Find a facility that has adequate security, including fences, gates, surveillance, on-site, resident facility managers, and alarms for each unit. Ask questions about what kind of security is provided during the day and night and even take a drive through the surrounding neighborhood to get an idea of the safety of the area.
Store Valuables Correctly
One very important part of keeping your valuables safe while in storage is to make sure they are stored correctly. For example, if you are storing a painting, be sure it is wrapped carefully and has adequate padding around it. You may even consider a small safe for items such as jewelry or guns. It is worth spending a little extra time and money to store your valuables in the right way so that they come out of storage in the exact shape they went in.
Additional Coverage
Find out if the storage unit you will be using offers any type of protection plan for their tenants. You may consider adding additional insurance coverage to your renter or homeowner’s insurance policy to include the items you have in storage in case they are damaged in any way. Take the time to read through the additional coverage to make sure it will indeed cover the value of the items you have in storage.
Protection From Rodents and Insects
Mice and insects have a knack for finding their way into dark places such as a storage unit. It is imperative that your storage facility offers top-notch pest control. The last thing you want is to have your valuables ruined by pests. Ask the facility managers about their pest control policies and how often the facility is checked and treated for mice and bugs.
Talk to your storage facility managers about the best lock to use for your storage unit. Arizona Storage Centers offer top of the line locks at all of our locations for your protection. While the security we offer is enough to keep thieves out, the last thing you want to do is run the risk of losing your valuables by using a cheap and ineffective lock.
Feel free to contact Arizona Storage Centers if you have more questions about storing valuables. We have talked to many people over the years and have ideas to share regarding almost anything you might want to store. We’re happy to pass these ideas along to you. Call us at 480-386-6022.

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