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Too Many Toys? What Toys You Should Hold On To

Do you ever feel that your home is overrun with too many toys? It can be surprising to see just how quickly the amount of toys can accumulate whether you have just one child or several. What’s even more alarming is to see how many of those toys are barely touched at all. What might have seemed at the time like the perfect birthday present now sits at the bottom of the toy chest collecting dust.
Even when the number toys in our homes begin to become a problem, it’s not always easy to know which toys to get rid of and which ones to keep. When it comes down to it, each toy seems to represent an amount of money that is not easy to part with. At other times, you might find yourself completely overwhelmed with toys and want to get rid of all of them at once.
The next time you go through a toy purge, consider the following ideas on toys that should stay out of the “Donate” pile:

Educational Toys

For the most part, toys are meant to be fun and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some parents have found that having a healthy balance of fun toys and educational toys makes them feel better about the total amount of toys their children have. Educational toys that help develop math and grammar skills are good to keep around.

Quality Over Quantity

Let’s face it…some of the toys our children have just aren’t made very well. When it’s time to choose which toys should go and which should stay, you’re better off choosing quality over quantity. Toys that are well constructed and designed for a long lifetime are much more likely to be used down the road. Too many toys can become distracting and a nuisance.

What Do You Have Space For?

Another important consideration when deciding which toys should stay and which should go is how much designated space you have for them. When this space begins to fill up and overflow with toys, it may be a good time for a purge. We tend to think that larger is better and with toys this is sometimes true. But take a look at the larger toys in your child’s collection and decide if they are worth the space they take up.
If you find that choosing toys to get rid of is simply too difficult, fill a couple of boxes full of toys and store them in your storage unit. Then you have the option of rotating toys every few months. You’ll be amazed at how excited children will get when they see an old toy that they haven’t played with in a while. It can breathe new life into the toy.
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