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What to Do with Your Home’s Bonus Room

Got an extra room in your home that you’re not sure what to do with? Not everyone is lucky enough to have a “bonus” room in their house, but if you are, it an be tricky to try to find just the right purpose for that extra space. If you’ve been trying to decide what identity to give your bonus room, we’ve got a few ideas that just might give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for.
Here are our favorite ways to use the bonus room in your home:


If you have young kids, having a place to put all their toys is absolutely golden. Rather than cluttering up their bedrooms (or your common areas) with their toys, games, and books. Utilize your bonus space by creating a playroom. Include plenty of shelving and storage, a play table, and maybe even a TV for playing movies.

Home office.

Even if you don’t work from home, a home office can be a great addition to your house. This is a place where everyone can get some peace and quiet to work on projects or homework. Before you start setting up your office, think about who is going to use it and what kind of setup they need to be successful. How many desks, chairs, and computers will you need? What kind of storage would be helpful? Answering these questions will help you set your office up for success, right from the beginning.


A den is the chameleon of rooms in your home. You can use a den for everything from a game room to a library. However your den will be utilized, you will want some kind of table, plus a good amount of shelving or storage, to help this room function at its best. If you have room, consider adding some additional seating, like a sofa or some chairs, to create a more cozy atmosphere in the room. Don’t forget great lighting elements to let you adjust the mood as needed.


Every home should have a creative space. Crafting could be implemented into a home office or playroom, but if your family is really into crafting or some kind of “hands on” hobby, it would be really nice to have a room dedicated to that purpose. If you want to convert your bonus room into a craft room, make sure you have plenty of workspace and plenty of organized storage. Small boxes are great for holding odds and ends. To make a space more child proof, consider adding some floating shelves on the walls to keep markers, scissors, or other potentially messy or harmful items out of reach.

Movie room (theater).

A full-blown theater room is usually something you only see in very high end homes, but if your home happens to have a bonus room, you can get the same effect on a smaller scale. Set up a projector and screen (or just use a blank wall if you can), add some seating, and voila! Your own personal movie room.
A bonus room can be a really useful thing to have in your house. Don’t let it go to waste by letting it sit empty or using it for storage. Implement one of these ideas and start using your bonus room to its fullest potential.
If you’ve been using your bonus room for extra storage space, it’s time to clear it out! Use one of Arizona Storage Centers’ incredible storage facilities to keep your belongings secure, close at hand, and out of the way. With centers in Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Deer Valley, and Glendale, we’ll be happy to help you meet any of your self-storage needs. Stop by today or give us a call at 480-386-6022. We look forward to serving you!

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