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Vacate Notice

    If you intend to vacate your storage unit or outdoor space, you must provide written notice on this form at least ten (10) days prior or by the 20th of the month in which you intend to vacate.

    If you give proper notice, but are unable to vacate by the last day of the month, we can pro-rate your rent four (4) days into the next month. Your security code will not work, if you are unable to vacate by the fifth (5th) day of the new month, you will be responsible for the entire month's rent. If you vacate and leave the lock on your unit, you will be considered as still in possession of and responsible for that unit. We do not maintain keys to any locks. If you lose your keys, you will be required to call a locksmith or we can remove the lock for a $50 cash fee. Your last month's rent and any other funds due must be paid in CASH. Any funds owed after the unit has been physically vacated and not paid within ten (10) days will be considered in arrears and reported to the local and national credit reporting agencies.

    All units must be left completely empty and swept clean. There is a $15.00 and up cleaning fee if we have to clean in or around your unit. There is a minimum $75 fee assessed to you if the facility must dispose of items left in your storage unit. We monitor for ILLEGAL DUMPING. Any illegal dumping will be reported to the proper authorities immediately.

    You must vacate during normal business hours. Nothing should be left in your unit.

    If there are other individuals occupying the unit along with you that do not intend to vacate, they must see the manager immediately to update the lease and assume the lease obligations.

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