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Benefits of Moving from California to Arizona

Benefits of Moving from California to Arizona

Lower Cost of Living

One of the best parts of living in Arizona is the slightly lower cost than that of California. The median home price is nearly 180% higher than it is in Arizona along with the cost of living being nearly 60% higher in California. Tax is relatively low in Arizona as well, with California having one of the nation’s highest taxes. There is also no inheritance tax, gift tax, or estate tax that you might find in The Golden State.

Hikers out on the trail in Sedona

Hiking is a perfect outdoor activity in Arizona with year-round sunshine and minimal rainfall.

Outdoor Fun

Arizona is packed with countless outdoor activities. You can take a short drive in any direction and you’ll reach a destination that allows for unique outdoor recreation opportunities. Popular activities include hiking, rock climbing, golfing, fishing, camping skiing, and hunting. In addition, Arizona also has plenty of wide-open spaces so you get an amazing glimpse of the stars with clear night skies. Golf lovers will be paradise, as Arizona boasts more than 200 public golf courses. This is more than any other state.

Perfect Weather

As with California, Arizona offers some of the nation’s most incredible weather. You can be outside year-round with low humidity levels which makes even the hottest temperatures more bearable. Arizona residents are gifted with over 300 days of sunshine which allows for a nice tan and plenty of days to get outdoors and explore.

Grand Canyon National Park at susnet

Grand Canyon National Park is very popular during the summer months. It’s a site to behold and worth several visits to explore and hike if you’re adventurous enough.

World-Class National Parks

Arizona is home to some of the most iconic National Parks in the country such as \ Grand Canyon National Park and Red Rock State Park. These parks alone account for 6 million visitors each year. The Grand Canyon is the second most popular national park in the country. Red Rock State Park offers many scenic rock formations and cliffs. Other popular national parks include Petrified Forest National Park where visitors can see ancient tree trunks that have been preserved for millions of years. The oldest cacti can be viewed at Saguaro National Park.

Quick Weekend Getaways

While there is plenty to do in Arizona, you also have the ability to visit other great offerings nearby thanks to the state’s convenient location. You can be on the Las Vegas strip in just under 4 hours or at the beach in California in 5 hours. The best part about this is that you do not have to deal with the high cost of living or the traffic of these nearby cities.

Cost of Moving from California to Arizona

Since Arizona and California or nearby states, the cost of moving isn’t as much as you would expect with a long-distance move across the country. It’s important to find a moving company that is both professional and affordable. Look around and ask friends that have dealt with movers in the past so you can get a good recommendation on who to trust with your items and valuables. The average moving cost from California to Arizona is about $3,000. Although the price will depend on housing size and quantity of boxes/items. If you are doing it yourself, there are plenty of rental trucks out there that you can pack up and drive out. Remember, even a drive from Northern California to Arizona is about a full day drive. You can also stop and sleep at one of the border towns if a full day is too much for you.

Where to Store Your Items Once you Arrive

Long-distance moves require a great deal of planning and organization. That’s why we recommend getting professional help and using a storage facility that can hold your items once you arrive. At Arizona Storage Centers, we have decades of storage experience and our professional facilities will help make your move to Arizona less stressful and easier. We know relocating can be stressful, but with the right help, your transition will be less hectic. Arizona Storage Centers is here to take the stress out of the move, so you can start enjoying your new home in Arizona. Welcome to the greatest state!