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Relocating to Arizona? What’s to Love and What’s to Hate

Relocating to Arizona? What’s to Love and What’s to Hate

Are you looking to relocate to Arizona? Let’s get down to what we love and what we hate about living in the Grand Canyon State.

Relocating to Arizona: 4 Things We Love

Normally, we would start with the bad things, but the goods definitely outweigh the bad in this particular situation. So let’s get started!

#1: Amazing Weather

There are not many places in the country that can rival Arizona’s year-round weather. It’s definitely our number for what makes this place so awesome! If you can get through a winter blizzard anywhere else, our summers aren’t nearly as bad. You can be outside year-round here and if you’re too hot, just jump in a pool or put your face near the cool A/C.

Our winter months are actually the best time to be in Arizona. 70 degrees during the day and cooler temps around 50s at night. How’s that for temperatures in December while your friends back home are freezing their butts off!

We always joke about the dry heat here. The lack of humidity makes all the difference. If you can survive a summer in the south, then this ain’t so bad. There’s plenty of sunshine to go around here, so enjoy!

#2: The Unique Landscape

If you’ve never visited Arizona before, your first thought would probably be a dry, arid desert. Who would want to live here? That’s so wrong! Yes, we have large desert areas in the state, but it’s the beauty of the desert that gives this place a unique vibe. We have plenty of wildlife too!

And with Prescott just a short drive away, you can get a full experience of the cooler temperatures, trees, and mountains. Did you know that Arizona has some of the most unique geological rock formations that are not found anywhere else in the world? Try a day trip to Sedona or visit Bearizona to see some of Northern Arizona’s wildlife up close and personal.

#3: Outdoor Activities

Due to the warm winter and abundant amount of sunshine, there are plenty of outdoor activities to do year-round. Arizona has no shortage of hikes with some of the best trails in the country. We can’t forget the amazing experiences for cyclists, mountain bikers, painters, foodies, tennis players, golfers (yes, PLENTY of golf courses!), water skiers, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

#4: Nice People

We don’t know what it is (most likely the awesome weather) but people that live here are generally happier and more friendly than what you’d experience in a big city. You will find that people will generally say “hi” to you when you take a stroll around the neighborhood or strike up a conversation with strangers. Whatever it is, we LOVE it!

There are many great communities that make up the suburbs of Phoenix, Yuma, Tucson, and Prescott. Whatever you’re looking for, we got it!

Relocating to Arizona: 4 Things We Hate (or just dislike)

Alright, so you know what the best things about relocating to Arizona are. But what about the things we don’t like so much?

#1: The Heat

Yes, you’ve probably heard this one before. The weather was the number one thing we liked about Arizona, but the number one thing we dislike is the summer heat. Sounds hipacritacal, right? We guarantee that you would say the same thing. The winter months are amazing and then once May rolls around, we begin to question living here. However, I’m sure you would take the hot summers over the cold, snowy winters any day of the week!

#2: Distance Around Town

Phoenix isn’t centralized as some might think. To get around town you have to cover some serious distance. The Arizona Cardinals stadium is on the west side of town. This could easily be a 60-90 minute drive, depending on what part of town you live in. Things are a bit spread out here, but the road systems are great!

With that, a vehicle is a must or at least highly recommended. There is public transportation but it’s not very accommodating for long trips across town. We do have a light rail system that can get you from the downtown area to Mesa. conveniently.

#3: Snowbirds

You will hear this one mentioned a lot around here. It’s not referring to actual birds but a term for people that spend the winters in Arizona and the summers out of the state. This can be good or bad for some, as it does hurt our bustling economy. Tourism and many small businesses take a hit during the summer months. On the upside, there is less traffic and it’s much easier to get around town.

#4 Rush Hour Traffic

Moving into the last item on our list that we hate. Who likes rush-hour traffic, anyways? We don’t think there is a major metro area in the US that doesn’t have rush hour traffic. At least ours isn’t as bad as some. Try visiting Los Angeles and coming back to Phoenix and you’ll realize that our traffic is minimal at most. Yet, it’s still rush hour traffic, and no one likes that.

That wraps up the things we love and hate about living in Arizona. Arizona is so diverse with so much to do and explore. If you are considering relocating to Arizona, you’ll want to check out our recent post on The Top 10 Best Phoenix Neighborhoods to Live In. Lastly, if you need temporary or long-term storage options while you are relocating, definitely check out our 5 convenient Phoenix locations.

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