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12 Things to Get Rid of After Spring Cleaning

As we really move into spring, you’re probably finishing up your spring cleaning. Your baseboards have been cleaned, your ceiling fans have been dusted…maybe you even tackled washing your windows. Whatever you’ve done, it’s almost time to pat yourself on the back, sit back, relax, and appreciate a job well done.
Yes, we said “almost.” The truth is, even once spring cleaning is done, there are probably still several things in your home you can throw away, donate, or sell. Getting rid of these last twelve items will finish up the spring cleaning process and give you a clean, uncluttered slate for spring and summer.

Wire hangers.

As part of spring cleaning, you probably got rid of a ton of old clothes. That’s great—now get rid of the old wire hangers, too! These hangers aren’t good for your clothes and they look messy in a closet anyway.

Outdated decor.

As you were wiping down those display shelves, you probably noticed a few decor items you don’t really like anymore. Donate or sell these items to someone who will really enjoy them!

Empty picture frames.

Still looking for that perfect picture for that frame you bought three years ago? It’s time to move on.

Old makeup.

Did your spring cleaning routine include your makeup bag? Give a quick once-over and toss anything you don’t use anymore, or anything that’s really old.

Single socks.

Socks in the Arizona spring and summer? Who needs ‘em? Stop holding on to those socks without a match. If you can’t find a way to repurpose them, throw them out. It will be cheap and easy to buy new socks if you need them when the weather cools down again.

Old jewelry.

Jewelry is one of those things we tend to hang on to for no good reason. If you have some jewelry pieces that you haven’t worn in a long time, and that have no sentimental value, donate or sell them—they’re just taking up valuable storage space!

Old electronics.

Who doesn’t have a circa 2002 point and shoot camera lying around? The truth is, your phone can take a better picture anyway. Look up electronics donation options in your area and dispose of those dinosaurs ASAP.

Extra cords and chargers.

Got a drawer full of mystery electronic cords and chargers? (Maybe they go with the aforementioned camera.) Only keep the ones that you know what they’re for!

Expired medicines.

There are many reasons why it’s a bad idea to hang on to expired medications. Make sure you dispose of them properly, as recommended by the FDA.

Old cooking spices.

Sure, old or expired spices probably aren’t dangerous, but they have likely lost their scent and flavor and won’t add much to your cooking. Thankfully, spices are fairly cheap to buy, so it shouldn’t be too expensive to replace those older bottles.


Unless you really love a book and plan on rereading it many times, there isn’t much reason to hang on to it. Books take up a lot of valuable shelf space, so pass them along to someone who has yet to enjoy them.

“Broken” board games.

Sometimes, we think we have to hang on to board games no matter what—even if they’re missing key pieces or elements. The truth is, games are easy and relatively inexpensive to replace. So if you’re frustrating by that missing piece every single time you play, do yourself a favor and replace the game.
You may not have thought to get rid of these things during your regular spring cleaning routine, but ridding your home of them will help your house feel less cluttered and really, truly clean. Spring cleaning: check!
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