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3 Tips for Long-Term Vehicle Storage

Winter is here which means it is time to put the specialty vehicles in storage. If you have a vehicle that you will be storing long-term it’s important to prepare carefully so that your vehicle will be in good shape when it’s time take it back out. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 3 tips for long-term vehicle storage:

Make Sure it’s Covered

If your vehicle is going to be sitting for a long time you want to make sure that it is covered, especially if it is going to be stored outside. It’s no secret that the Arizona sun can be formidable and for that reason you want to make sure that you protect the exterior of your vehicle as best you can. Whether you are storing a car or boat, it’s wise to invest in a durable outdoor cover to protect against paint erosion. Constant sun can lead to oxidation and cause your paint to wear unevenly in certain areas making for expensive repairs down the road.

Get a Batter Tender

When it comes time to pull your vehicle out of storage you’ll want to purchase a battery tender or trickle chargers. If you’ve ever gone to start your car and are greeted with the sound of silence as you turn the key, then you know what it feels like to have a flat battery. When storing your vehicle for more than a couple weeks it’s important to keep a current flowing to the battery so that it doesn’t go flat. Modern vehicles are equipped with alternators that charge the batter as the engine runs, but it’s not always convenient to start your stored vehicle and allow it to run every couple weeks.

Check your Tire Pressure

One thing that is commonly overlooked with vehicle storage is checking your tire pressure. Each tire contains a recommended PSI from the manufacturer for optimum performance. If your tire pressure is too high or too low it can cause uneven pressure on your tire will can result in accelerated wear. Even if your tire has good tread depth, if they’ve been sitting on your car for a couple years and have gone through multiple seasons, it is a good idea to replace them.
For more packing and self storage tips check out our blog and to reserve a self storage unit contact Arizona Storage Centers today. We have convenient locations throughout the valley in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Deer Valley, and Glendale. We offer a wide variety of storage options including climate controlled storage, along with boat and RV storage. To find a self storage unit that fits your needs give us a call today at (480) 386-6022.

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