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5 Reasons Why You Will Love Living in Chandler, Arizona

5 Reasons Why You Will Love Living in Chandler, Arizona

Are you looking at moving to Chandler, Arizona? It is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Phoenix and has countless amenities to offer. From affordable housing to great school districts, to delicious dining and fun entertainment options. It’s easy to see what makes Chandler one of the best suburbs of the Phoenix area. Let’s take a look at our top recommendations of why living here is so great!

#1: High National Rankings

If you’re looking to relocate, it may be hard to know what areas offer the most for certain circumstances. Maybe you’ve visited before and experienced some things that made you consider Chandler, Arizona.

National rankings are an excellent way to get a grasp on a place that is completely new to you. Chandler, AZ ranks well in many categories and has been rated number one in “Best Places to Become Wealthy” and number three in “Best Places to Buy a Family Home. It’s important to look at these statistics and decide what sounds most important to you.

Are you a woman that is a software engineer? Chandler ranks number 8 in “Best Places for Women in Tech.” Also scoring high is the safest area to live and the best place to find a job.

#2: Location is Everything

You know what they say, “Location is everything!” Chandler is one of the most conveniently located suburbs of Phoenix that is easily accessible. Regardless of where you live within Chandler, you are just a short drive from major highways running through Phoenix and a reasonable commute into the City or need to drive to the outskirts for work. Chandler is closely located to the airport for those that travel often, most of the city within 15 minutes.

#3: Chandler has Affordable Luxury Housing

Phoenix’s population has been growing exponentially over the past two decades, which means new neighborhoods have popped up all over the valley to accommodate the growing number of residents. Most of those are coming for the nice weather, jobs, and affordable cost of living.

Chandler is also known for the luxury housing and amenities such as pools, gyms, and walking paths, which adds a plus to the nice neighborhoods in the area.

Best of all, homes are nearly identical in style, home, and community amenities as Scottsdale but you’ll save much more as you would if you lived there. The same square footage home in Scottsdale is usually 200,000 more. So a home may cost around $750,000, but only $4500 in Chandler. Getting more bang for your buck is perhaps a reason why prices are slowly rising in these areas year by year.

#4: Schools are Top-Notch

There are two major school districts in Chandler – Mesa School District and Gilbert School District. Wherever you fall on the district grid, Chandler has wonderful public schools. Most of these are highly rated when it comes to graduation and attendance rates and extracurricular offerings. But even if you find yourself living closest to one of the schools that aren’t highly rated in the bunch, there are so many schools to choose from. It’s not hard to find the perfect school for you and your family within a reasonable distance.

chandler san tan brewery restaurant

#5: Chandler has an Exquisit Shopping & Dining Scene

Entertainment is a major part of the quality of life. We all go to work, school, and other daily obligations, but when it’s time to cut loose, we all want something fun to do! Whether that be going to a movie or dinner, Chandler has a ton of great entertainment options close to home.

Chandler has done an outstanding job of offering great options of entertainment that you would probably find in a more expensive part of Phoenix. Chandler has aesthetically pleasing shopping centers, and a great downtown nightlife is growing immensely. You’ll never run out of things to do or places to shop. As Chandler grows, these areas only get nicer and nicer.

While these shopping centers and restaurants are nice, another great thing about Chandler is that you can truly find something to do while on any budget. There is something for everyone!

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