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5 Self-Storage Mistakes to Avoid

When it’s time to move your belongings into your self-storage unit, it might seem like it’s as easy as throwing everything into boxes and then into your unit and calling it a day. The truth is, if you’re not careful, you could end up causing some major damage to the items you store. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid when it comes to self-storage:

1. Storing Food

Even the smallest amount of food in your self-storage unit is like an open invitation to nearby insects and rodents. No matter how clean your self-storage facility is or what precautions they take to keep pests away, when you store food in your unit, you are asking for trouble. The problem is, once roaches or mice get in, they cause all sorts of trouble, including leaving their mess throughout your belongings. Better to check twice or even three times to make sure you’re not putting any food in storage.

2. Not Labeling Boxes

When you’re in the rush of moving or getting your items ready for storage, you might trick yourself into thinking you will remember what’s inside each box or tote. But unlabeled boxes can be a source of frustration and wasted time when you need to access something from your storage unit. What starts out as a quick stop to grab something from your storage unit can turn into an hour or more of digging through boxes.

3. Using Old or Weak Boxes

If you’re planning on storing your belongings for a while in a storage unit, it’s worth it to use quality boxes or other storing devices that will stand up to the test of time. Old or weak boxes can easily cause problems in your storage unit. One bad box can tear open from the bottom and create a mess in a heartbeat. As you load or unload your storage unit, boxes will shift and weak boxes can turn into an avalanche of your belongings.

4. Wrapping with Newspaper

It might seem like newspaper is a quick and easy wrapping solution as you prepare your belongings for storage. And while newspaper can definitely add some protection, it has also been known to bleed onto other surfaces. Unfortunately for most people, they won’t find this out until it’s too late. When you go to unwrap your dishes, vases or other delicate items, you may find they’ve been tarnished with newspaper ink. It’s better to use ink-free paper, such as butcher paper – or bubble wrap.

5. No Organization

More than often, unloading into a storage unit is one of the tasks we want to spend the least amount of time on. By not taking the time to plan out how you will be storing your items or carefully loading your storage unit, you can create a giant mess. It’s best to slow down just a little bit and really think things through as you load your storage unit. Make sure your boxes are stacked correctly so that you can easily access them when you need to.
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