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5 Storage Solutions for Small Closets

If you live in a small space, or if you don’t have a lot of storage in your home, you know how valuable those closet space really is. Closets fill up quickly, often to overflowing, and leave your space feeling cluttered, with your clothes and accessories unorganized and hard to find.
Fortunately, there are some tricks to making the most of the small closet spaces you have in your home. We’ve listed five of our favorites below, and would love to hear any you have to add!

Use the walls

Wall space often goes unused, but that is valuable storage real estate! Find hooks that can be attached directly to the wall (most won’t damage the paint on the walls). They’re easy to place and replace, and give you the perfect solution for hanging hats, scarves, or jewelry.

Use the doors

Over-the-door organizers are not just a gimmick; they really work! These are the perfect solutions when it comes to storing shoes or other accessories. They are usually very affordable and very easy to find in stores. It’s the perfect way to extend your closet space to the max!


This might go without saying, but the less stuff you have in your closet, the easier it is to keep it clean. Be honest and brutal when deciding what to get rid of. If you haven’t worn it or used it in several months, it’s time to move on. Consider donating your items to charity. Or, if you have a lot of stuff, maybe it’s time for a garage sale.

Use longer-term storage spaces

For items you don’t immediately need (like swimsuits in the winter and heavy coats in the summer), try to find a storage solution that is longer-term and more out of the way. In a box — under the bed or in the garage — is a good option. If you’re really short on storage, rent a small storage unit to keep seasonal items in. Self storage units can be used for more than just clothes, and the peace of mind it gives you will make the investment more than worth it.


Use small boxes to keep things separate, tidy, and stackable. If possible, keep a dresser in your closet; it’s much easier to keep clean, and will give you space on top to store shoes or boxes with accessories.
Being short on storage space is no fun, and when your closet is bursting at the seams, even getting dressed is going to become a stressful ordeal. Use these tips to keep your closet organized and your home (and mind!) a little more clutter-free.
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