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Cheap Buys for Home Organization On a Budget

We all want our homes to be well-organized spaces. Having a clean and tidy house creates a peaceful environment that can affect your mood, efficiency, and quality of life.
Of course, we don’t all have thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to spend on upgrading our homes to add a bigger pantry, built-in bookshelves, or an extra closet. What’s the best way to maximize your storage space while still sticking to a tight budget?
We’ve got a few of our favorite wallet-friendly hacks collected right here. Read on to see how any home can get just a little bit more organized with a few cheap fixes.

Wall hooks.

These handy little tools are very inexpensive, and can be found just about anywhere, from big box stores to home improvement centers. Some stick to the surface you want to mount them to, others have to be attached with nails or screws. They come in many different styles and tons of different sizes, but they all accomplish the same thing: adding way more storage to your home. Where to use them? In closets for jewelry, hats, and scarves; in closets and cabinets for tools, rags, and other small supplies; and near entryways for keys and bags.

Small furniture.

You may be more limited by space and budget here, but there are plenty of inexpensive furniture pieces that can increase the storage space in your home. Think: end tables with drawers or shelves, an ottoman with storage inside, or an entryway bench with cubbies for shoes. By finding furniture that does double duty, you get the most out of your home while using a little space as possible.


There are a few things to love about using baskets for home organization. For one, they can serve many purposes. Use them to store toys, blankets, stuffed animals, books, papers, odds and ends, you name it! You are sure to be able to find a basket that’s the right size and shape for whatever you need. Another thing to love about baskets is that they are actually stylish. A basket will easily fit into the decor of your room, whether it’s just sitting on its own in a corner, or nestled under a table. Finally, baskets are pretty inexpensive. You can even find them at second hand stores!

Wall shelves.

Wall shelves aren’t just on trend, they’re also super functional. You can utilize wall shelves for many purposes in your home—books, trinkets, souvenirs, holiday decor, etc., and because they’re on the walls, they won’t take up any additional space. They’re fairly easy to install, and will add significantly to your storage space. Plus, you can find them for very cheap at most home decor or furniture stores.
If you don’t have a ton of money to spend, but still want to keep your home organized and super functional, we hope this list of cheap buys helps you get started!
Want to free up even more space in your home? Move some of that clutter over to a storage unit at Arizona Storage Centers. We have facilities in Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Deer Valley, and Glendale, so reliable, secure storage is never far away. Give us a call at 480-386-6022 today to hear more about our options for self-storage, or stop by one of our centers any time. We look forward to serving you!

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