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Decluttering Before a Move: Why, When, and How

Decluttering your home is a chore, but it’s also important for keeping your home in a clean, well-organized state. Clutter can leave your home feeling chaotic and can negatively affect your daily life.
That’s why, when you move into a new home, you shouldn’t move the clutter, too. Moving is the perfect time to rid your house of all the extra “stuff” that makes your spaces crowded and messy.
Today, we’re breaking down decluttering before a move. Here’s why, when, and how you should jump on this opportunity to clear your clutter.

Why: to get a clean slate

Moving into a new home is the perfect time for a fresh start. This is your chance to make your home into whatever you want it to be—and most people want a home that’s clutter free. Plus, the more you can get rid of before you move, the less stuff you have to pack away.
To help motivate you on a more personal level, take some time to discover a “why” of your own. How do you feel when your home is messy and cluttered? How does the clutter affect your life, and how would your life be better if you could cut the clutter out? Write down some words that describe the feelings you want to have in your home, and think about how your current clutter situation gets you closer to or farther from those feelings.

When: as soon as possible

Once you know that a move is coming, it’s never too early to start prepping for it. Before you even start packing, keep an eye out for things you can get rid of. Designate a “donate” box and a “self storage” box, and, if you decide to hold a garage sale, set things aside for that as well.
Only when you start packing will you realize how much stuff you really have. Since packing requires you to pull everything out of closets and off of shelves, it gives you a second great opportunity to get rid of clutter. As you’re packing, ask yourself, “Do I really want to take this with me?” Get rid of anything that doesn’t pass that litmus test.

How: one step at a time

The idea of decluttering your entire home can be overwhelming, but it becomes a little less so when you realize that small steps will add up to big results. There are many different methods for decluttering, including sorting by category, by room, or by severity of the problem (i.e. do the worst area first). Whatever you choose, here are some things to remember:
– If you haven’t used it in a while, you can probably get rid of it.
– Get rid of anything you wouldn’t buy again.
– Toss anything that’s broken or damaged.
– Follow the 20-20 rule: if you aren’t sure about an item, but you could replace it in 20 minutes or less, for $20 or less, you can get rid of it.
– If you discover an item you’d forgotten about, you don’t need it.
– If you have more than one of something (e.g. kitchen utensils), toss the duplicates.
– Don’t talk yourself into keeping anything. Trust your instinct and move on.
– If you’re having a hard time letting go of sentimental items, but you don’t have a place for them in your new home, consider getting a self storage unit. You can keep things safely out of the way while also being able to access them if needed.
If you take the opportunity to declutter before your move, you’ll find that not only will your moving process go more smoothly, but you’ll be happier and more at peace in your new home.
Happy decluttering!
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