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How a Storage Unit Can Help You During the Holidays

Let’s face it: the holidays are practically here. With Halloween only a few short weeks away, it won’t be long before the attention turns to the most festive time of year.
Of course, it’s also usually the most hectic time of year. Parties, shopping, traveling, and more lend to an all-around crazy atmosphere that is sometimes downright overwhelming. While you may have your own favorite ways to manage the chaos, there’s one solution you probably haven’t tried yet: a self-storage unit.
It’s true: a storage unit can help you keep the holidays under control. Here are a few of our favorite examples:

Make room for guests

Trust us, your guests don’t really want to sleep on the couch in the living room, no matter how much they insist that it’s okay. Instead of making them sleep out in the open, clean unnecessary items out of an unoccupied bedroom, den, office, or playroom, to make room for an air mattress and a suitcase. If your guests will be there for a while, consider cleaning out some closet space for them as well. Storing items you don’t immediately need will cut back on the clutter (and chaos) in your home while your guests are there.

Hide gifts

There’s always someone in the family who is intent on finding all the hidden holiday gifts around the house. Make their quest a fruitless one by keeping your gifts — even large ones — in a rented storage unit. They’ll be out of sight (much more than in a closet with a blanket over them) and they’ll be totally accessible whenever you need them. You could even take wrapping supplies to your unit and wrap your gifts there!

Store decorations

With immediate transitions from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas and Hanukkah, home decor changes frequently and quickly this time of year. Instead of trying to find a place to shove those fake hay bales and store those holiday lights without breaking any bulbs, get all the space you need from a storage unit. You can take what you need and leave the rest completely out of the way. When you drop off the decorations for one holiday, grab everything for the next! Bonus: this is a gift that keeps on giving, year-round. You can keep your decor in your unit the entire year, freeing up valuable space in your garage and attic!

Keep out of season clothing out of the way

You probably won’t be needing your swimsuits and shorts any time soon, right? Make room for bulky winter clothing in your closet by moving warm-weather clothing to a secured storage unit.
However you use it, you can be sure that a self-storage unit is a good way to make the holidays a little more peaceful and a little less cluttered. If you’re looking for self storage in Gilbert, check out Gilbert Self Storage at Val Vista and Williams Field Rd. Contact us at 480-899-3224 to see our many options for self storage units, and start planning for your holidays before the busy season begins!

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