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How Do I Know if I Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Whether you’re in the middle of moving or just need to clear out some space in your home, Cactus Self Storage in Glendale, AZ, provides safe storage options for your belongings. There are many things to consider when searching for a self storage solution, but with temperatures on the rise in Arizona, determining whether or not you need a climate controlled storage unit is especially important.
Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before you decide whether or not you need climate controlled storage.

1. What are you storing?

Any time you are storing items that are delicate, antiques, or family heirlooms, you should definitely consider climate controlled storage. These items tend to have high sentimental value and therefore are irreplaceable, so it’s best to store them in dry setting with a consistent temperature.
Some materials are more sensitive to temperature and moisture fluctuation than others. Leather, suede, and paper can all be ruined my excess heat or moisture. Fine furniture, collectibles, and musical instruments are also sensitive to extreme weather or dryness. Do your research on the particular items you plan to store and find out what the damage risk might be if they are left exposed to the elements. If you plan to store any of these items, our storage experts recommend climate controlled units.

2. Do you plan to use your storage unit as long-term or a short-term storage solution?

Short-term storage can be used for temporary needs or in between moving from one place to another. However, even if you only plan to store your items for 1-2 months, it’s still important to consider whether or not a climate controlled storage space will be necessary. What time of year will you be using the unit? Depending on the season, you might see monsoon storms, dust storms, colder or warmer weather, and even varying levels of humidity. Climate controlled units offer an added level of protection from the unique and changing weather patterns in Arizona.
If you expect to keep your belongings in storage for a longer period of time, there will be an even wider range of weather and conditions to consider. Over the course of a year, temperatures can range from 50 to well over 100 degrees and humidity levels vary greatly as well. Remember that as you look at the months ahead and determine what period of time you’ll rely on this storage solution. If your items will be stored throughout multiple season changes, a climate controlled unit is a wise way to go.

3. Does the thought of an insulated, temperature controlled, pest free storage unit give you a sense of security and peace of mind?

We know that the things you own are valuable to you. We also know that the knowledge and trust that your belongings are taken care of can be a huge relief.
We have seen so many families in transition and whether they’re moving to a new house, downsizing to a smaller space, or just making room for temporary needs, it’s important for them to be able to rely on a storage facility that provides safe and secure options. The last thing we want is for our customers to worry about how the weather might affect their possessions.
For many people, choosing a climate controlled storage unit is as much about peace of mind as it is protection for their belongings. At Cactus Self Storage we do our best to offer options that will give you that peace of mind, but that will be convenient and affordable, too. Our climate controlled storage units are insulated for added temperature control and offer a dust free and pest free environment for added security and protection.
We hope you’ll contact us today to learn more about climate controlled storage solutions and determine which options are right for you.

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