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How Self-Storage Can Help “Snowbirds” in Phoenix

One of the best things about living in the Phoenix area is the “winter” weather. From November to April, Phoenix boasts mostly mild temperatures that leave snow-covered cities green (or white, as the case may be) with envy.
Perhaps this is why winter visitors, more often lovingly referred to a “snowbirds,” flock to the Phoenix area during these months. Then, when things start to heat up in April or May, they head back to their home states to enjoy a summer that isn’t quite as intense as a Phoenix summer. Weather-wise, they get the best of both worlds.
While life as a snowbird certainly has its advantages, it can be tricky from a logistical standpoint. One of the biggest concerns snowbirds have as they prepare to leave Arizona in the spring and summer is how to keep their belongings in Phoenix secure until they come back the next year. Leaving your home in Phoenix with your valuables in it is sure to attract thieves, but it’s far too much of a hassle to pack all your belongings back and forth between two homes.

Enter self storage.

Renting out a self storage unit is the perfect solution for snowbirds leaving Phoenix—or for anyone else who is leaving for an extended period of time to escape the blazing heat. Self storage brings along many benefits, including:


With self storage, there’s no need to move furniture, decor, seasonal clothing, and other items back and forth between your winter and summer homes. Everything you need in Phoenix will be right there waiting for you when you get back.


Self storage units are some of the safest places you can leave your belongings. With security at both the unit and facility level, you can rest easy knowing even your most valuable items are safe from thieves while you’re away. They’ll also be safe from potential damage to your home, such as burst water pipes.


Have temperamental items to store, like wood furniture, musical instruments, or valuable art pieces? You can find a temperature controlled storage unit to keep these items in tip-top shape, no matter how hot it gets outside. There are also a wide variety of storage unit sizes, so you can store anywhere from a closet’s worth of items to a whole garage’s worth. Whatever your needs, there’s a self storage solution for you.

Reliability and affordability.

Some people might consider hiring someone (or paying a friend) to keep an eye on things while you’re gone. Unfortunately, this is not a very secure plan of action, and hiring a professional company to monitor your home could get expensive. Self storage offers reliable security at a modest price.
Self storage is a great solution for anyone looking to store their belongings in a secure way, but it’s especially beneficial to Phoenix’s winter visitors. Arizona Storage Centers has multiple locations throughout the Valley, including Phoenix, Deer Valley, Glendale, Chandler, and Gilbert, so no matter where your winter home is, we won’t be too far away. With our high-level security and excellent customer service, you’ll feel safe about leaving your valuables in our hands. So before you pack up for the summer, check out one of our storage centers, or call us at 480-386-6022 for more information. We look forward to serving you!

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