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How to Organize Your Home Office

If there’s any area of your house that should feel neat and organized at all times, it’s probably your home office space. In an ideal world, this is where your work gets done, where the bills are handled, where important documents get filed away, and where you can always go to find a paper clip or a highlighter. In the real world, however, a home office space can sometimes turn into a disaster zone, where bills go to get lost without being paid, stacks of papers appear in the blink of an eye, and you can’t even find a single pen, let alone a stapler.
Good news: there is hope for your home office. We have a few tips that will help you as you get that workspace under control so that it’s functional, beautiful, and motivating.

Find the right furniture.

Depending on the size and location of your office space in your home, you should be able to find a piece of furniture that works for it. Whether it’s a full blown desk with drawers and lots of workspace, or a simple file cabinet tucked into a corner, find a furniture piece that gives you storage. Drawers are ideal, but even shelves that you can keep binders or a file sorter on would work well.

Use wall space.

Floating shelves are not hard to make yourself, or find in stores, and they’ll double the storage space of your home office instantly. Additionally, you can also use shelves to keep certain things out of reach of young children (read: permanent markers). Even if you don’t have room for shelves, you could still use hooks in your workspace to give you a convenient place to hang work bags or other items.

Declutter regularly.

One of the keys to keeping any space organized is keeping the clutter at bay. Once a month or so, sort through your work space and clear out anything that is outdated, unused, or otherwise unnecessary. Older paperwork could even be relocated to a more permanent storage space (like a hidden file cabinet, or even a self-storage unit). Decluttering often will keep your space functional and stress-free.

Create a “place for everything.”

When it comes to things like papers, mail, and office supplies, there should be a place for everything. Designate a drawer for writing utensils, another for sticky notes and notecards, and another for scissors and tape. Find a storage system for your mail and other important papers, whether it’s a full-blown filing cabinet or a simple document sorter. Once you know where to put everything, it will be much easier to keep your space organized.

Make it pretty.

When spaces look good, we’re much more motivated to keep them looking good. Don’t discount the power of making your home office visually appealing to you. Use colors you like, find office supplies that add to the aesthetic, and include artwork of places, people, or sayings that motivate and inspire you. This will help transform your work space into a place you actually love and want to keep looking nice.
Your home office can be a place of stress, clutter, and chaos, or it can be a peaceful, well-organized place of productivity and order. Follow these tips to finally create the home office you’ve always wanted.
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