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How to Safely Store Your Belongings Before Traveling Abroad

How to Safely Store Your Belongings Before Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can make way to exciting new experiences and lifelong memories. There’s something about the open road that brings a sense of joy. How about visiting a far off land and escaping city life for something slower-paced? No matter your reason for traveling, it may become necessary to find a self-storage where you can store your belongings and furniture while away for an extended period. Whether you’re a traveling professional who won’t be using seasonal sports equipment for an extended period of time or you’re hitting the road for a year abroad, it’s time to consider travel storage.

After you’ve made the decision to leave the country, here are several questions that should be considered.

  • Are you going to move out of your apartment or sell your home?
  • Are you going to rent out your spot, will you rent it furnished or unfurnished?
  • If you decide to rent it unfurnished, what are you going to do with your stuff?
  • Where is your car or RV going to be parked while you’re gone?

It can be a stressful process when you don’t have a parents garage or basement to store your stuff in. This is especially true when you have a lot more than you thought. Long-term self-storage provides a viable solution to the dilemma of where to store your stuff while you are traveling abroad.

Storing Your Belongings While Traveling

It’s not always feasible to take everything with you and why would you want to? You’re definitely not going to need a winter coat in Thailand or the entirety of your wardrobe no matter where you’re traveling. Storing your belongings in a clean, climate-controlled storage unit offers various advantages for travelers. It’s important to keep several considerations in mind before reserving a storage unit.

Storage facilities in Phoenix, like those at Arizona Storage Centers, often offer a wide variety of unit sizes that range from vehicle storage to large climate-controlled units. While some storage renters may look for a unit that they can grow into over some time, travelers usually only need storage for what they have currently. Some other factors to look into include:

  • How much stuff do you have and need to store
  • What type of items are you going to store and do they need to be in a climate-controlled environment
  • Vehicle storage options – do you own a car and would you rather store it in a covered outdoor spot
  • Do you have high valued items that need to be secure and watched 24/7
  • Do you like to make payments online or over the phone? Do you need automatic payments so you don’t have to worry about it?
  • Month-to-month leases for the best flexibility while traveling. You can choose to extend your contract if you plan to stay abroad for another six months.
traveling abroad from phoenix
A traveler roaming an unknown town abroad.

Considering these factors into your travel storage decision will help you choose the best option for your personal situation. Determine how much you have to store, what type of storage unit you’ll need and find a facility that meets your travel storage needs. Here at Arizona Storage Centers, we have an easy online payment and reservation system that keeps up with your fast-paced lifestyle. Take the stress out of traveling and be at ease knowing your belongings are safe at home.

Travel Storage Options at Arizona Storage Centers

Travel has the power to broaden horizons, extend career growth and experience different cultures. Don’t let the concern of where to store your stuff deter you from venturing out on the trip of a lifetime. With Arizona Storage Centers, you can rest easy. Visit an Arizona Storage Centers location today and find the perfect travel storage unit for your next bout of wanderlust.

suitcases sit in front of departure gate.
Suitcases sit in front of departure gate.
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