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How to Store Bulky Items

Storage is a tricky problem in any home. Finding the proverbial “place for everything” isn’t always easy, especially when the items you need to store take up a lot of room.
Fortunately, we have a few solutions for keeping those bulky belongings at bay. Here are some tips for storing bulky items in your home.

Extra linens, blankets, and towels.

Spare comforters, extra towels, and large, fluffy blankets can be real space hogs. Finding a way to neatly store them could help free up more storage space and help your home feel less cluttered.
Take the time to fold your spare linens nicely. Sure, a fitted sheet is notoriously difficult to fold, but you can find detailed instructions on several different web pages (along with instructional videos), and folding them properly will make a big difference, in terms of both space and appearance. Once all the linens are neatly folded, put them in a basket in the linen closet (high up and out of reach if you don’t need them that often), or put them in a bag under the bed if your closet is already full.
Extra towels should be kept in the bathroom, so they’re handy when they’re needed. You could add stick-on hooks to the wall or door, creating storage without taking up valuable shelf or cabinet space.
Only keep as many blankets as you’ll use on a regular basis. For storage, consider options like a storage ottoman that pulls double duty, a blanket ladder to add a decorative element to your home, or a large, woven basket that looks great and is highly functional.


Luggage is tricky to store, because it can take up a lot of room and most people don’t use it very often. To store your luggage more efficiently, nest smaller pieces inside of larger ones. You could also use a suitcase as a “box,” keeping other items you need to store inside. If space allows, keep suitcases on a shelf inside a closet. If not, slide them under a bed, or store them in the garage.

Cleaning appliances

Vacuums and mops are pretty bulky, too. Finding a place to keep these items can be difficult if you don’t have a dedicated storage space. Often, a linen closet is a great solution. If that isn’t an option, consider the pantry, laundry room, or garage. Alternatively, some styles of vacuums can be easily mounted to the wall, freeing up the need for dedicated floor space.

Large toys

While many toys are pretty small and can be kept easily in boxes, baskets, or bins, other toys are rather large and are impossible to store easily. In this case, shelving is your friend. A floating shelf may do the trick, or a storage cabinet with adjustable shelves could work, too. If all else fails, they could be tucked into the corner of the child’s room, as long as they’re not in the way of daily life.

Winter clothing and footwear

Bulky coats and boots take up a lot of prime real estate in your closet, so you should do your best to clear them out when the season ends. Try to get them out of the way, whether that means tucked into the back of a linen closet, stored in a box in the garage, or kept under the bed in a storage bag. You could also consider a storage unit for these seasonal items, since they could take up a lot of room and won’t be needed for most of the year.
Whatever the bulky item is, you can find a storage solution for it. With a little purging and a little planning, your home can be the organized space you want it to be.
Need an off-site storage solution that still gives you easy access when you need it? Try Arizona Storage Centers. With centers all around the Valley, including Gilbert, Chandler, Deer Valley, Phoenix, and Glendale, safe, reliable storage is never too far away. And with many different unit sizes and options (temperature control, anyone?), you’ll get the storage that best suits your needs. Call Arizona Storage Centers today at 480-386-6022.

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