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Keys to a Minimalist Holiday Season

The holidays are a time of peace on Earth… hypothetically. In reality, the holidays often leave many of us feeling tired and worn ragged by the hustle and bustle. The shopping, the cooking, the baking, the wrapping, the caroling, the parties—it can all add up to a season that is more “stress and chaos” than “comfort and joy.”
Minimalism is a lifestyle that has grown popular in recent years for its promotion of a slower paced, simpler life. Having less, doing less, and stressing less are key hallmarks of minimalism, and they are all things that could potentially make the holidays a little better as well.
With this in mind, we’re applying minimalism to the holiday season to see how the concept of “less” might add a little more joy to your holiday. Here are the keys to a more minimalist holiday season.

Give (and get) experiences, not things.

One key to a minimalist lifestyle is having fewer things. Less “stuff” in your space promotes a peaceful environment. This holiday season, give the people you love experiences rather than things, and ask that they do the same for you and your family. You’ll keep the clutter at bay and you’ll feel more peaceful during the holidays and all year round. Some great “experience gift” ideas:
– Membership to a zoo or museum
– Movie tickets
– Tickets to a concert or play
– A nice meal out

Scale back the decor.

While holiday decor is, for many people, a sentimental part of the season, it can also get out of hand pretty quickly. Take stock of your current decor. What do you still love? What have you always hated? If you have undecorated spaces in your home, how can you use what you already have to fill them? Answering these questions will help you avoid buying new decorations you don’t really need, and may inspire you to get rid of some of the things that no longer bring you joy.

Keep the treats under control.

Two weeks into the season, kitchen counters are often overflowing with seasonal candies, treats brought over by neighbors, and more. While it’s not a bad thing to indulge, don’t let it get out of control, especially if it’s taking up precious counter space. Eat perishable treats as soon as possible (or discard them if you don’t think you’ll finish them), and store everything else in containers and out of sight. Bring out one treat at a time.

Make a place for everything.

There are some holiday things (we’re looking at you, cards and wrapping paper) that don’t always have a designated place. That means that they end up floating around anywhere, taking up space and stressing you out. Create a place to display your cards, and a place to keep your wrapping supplies. Find homes for any other “homeless” holiday items. You’ll feel much more organized and in control.

Focus on the people.

Make sure you are taking time to make memories with the people you love. Whether it’s watching a classic holiday movie together, driving around to look at lights, or serving together in your community, spending time with your friends and family will truly make the holiday a little brighter.
Taking these simple steps toward a more minimalist holiday season just might be your key to a more peaceful time of year. So slow down, focus on what’s important, let go of what isn’t, and enjoy.
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