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Prepping Your Belongings for Storage

If you’re moving, decluttering, or just trying to create more space in your home, you’ve probably realized by now that renting a storage unit is going to be a great option for you. Security, accessibility, and convenience make storage units the perfect option for those who need a separate space to store their belongings.
Once you’ve made that decision, then what? How do you decide what to store, and how do you get those things ready for a new life in your storage unit? Here are a few ideas for prepping your belongings for storage that will hopefully get you started on the right foot.

Decide what to store

You probably already have a good idea of the things you’ll be keeping in your unit, but take a minute to make sure there isn’t anything else that would be nice to have out of the way. Holiday decorations? Seasonal clothing? Old childrens’ clothes that you can’t bear to part with? Making these decisions will help you decide what size storage unit you need, as well as what kind of boxes or storage containers you’ll need to keeping everything in. This is also the time when you should decide if something is really worth storing, or if it should be thrown away.

Organize. Separate your items into categories

Start with specific product categories (e.g. clothing, home decor) and then, if you can, try to group the categories together according to when you’ll need the items. For example, keep the winter sweaters and Christmas lights near each other. This will make it much easier when the time comes to retrieve things from your unit.


If your items are dusty or dirty, take a few minutes to wipe them down or clean them off. It will be a much more pleasant experience to remove items from storage if they aren’t covered in a thick layer of grime and dust.

Pack and label (carefully!)

Once your items are categorized and grouped, pack them into appropriately sized boxes or storage containers. Always use the smallest size box you can get away with for a group of items. Also, make sure that special items are packed with special care — an airtight container or zippered garment bag, perhaps. And don’t forget to label as you go! Label clearly and specifically; you’ll thank yourself later!

Schedule a moving day and ask for help

Set a specific date to move everything into your storage unit. Giving yourself this timeline will help ensure that you don’t have piles of boxes sitting around your home for weeks on end. Also, unless you have a very small amount of stuff to move, consider asking for help from friends or family on your moving date. This will lower your stress levels and make your move a much more pleasant experience.
With a little bit of prep, moving your belongings into a storage unit becomes a much less daunting task. Following these steps will make sure that you, and your valuable possessions, are ready to experience the convenience of a rented storage unit.
For the best self-storage in the Phoenix area, contact Arizona Storage Centers. Deer Valley Self Storage, along with our other locations Valley-wide, are top-notch facilities with high level security features, fair rates, and helpful staff. We’d love to help you find a storage unit that will clear out your home while keeping your belongings safe. Call us at 480-386-6022 today!

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