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Renting a Small Storage Unit

When most people think of a storage unit, they think of a large, garage-like unit that is able to store furniture, dozens of boxes, or even unused vehicles. What not everyone realizes, however, is that not all storage units are this large. Some units are as small as 5’x5’ and they are extremely affordable, making them perfect for anyone who only has a few things to store and doesn’t want to waste space in a larger unit.
What sorts of things could these smaller storage units be used for? Here are just a few ideas:

Family mementos

Boxes of photos, old school projects, and treasured baby outfits are hard to get rid of, but they can clutter your closets pretty quickly. A storage unit dedicated to these things will keep them accessible to you, but also out of the way. If you’re the sentimental type, a smaller storage unit is perfect for keeping your treasures while also keeping them out of the house.

Seasonal clothing

Keeping seasonal clothing in your closet year-round is a sure way is feel disorganized and cluttered. Trying to store them under your bed or in the attic is one solution, but those spaces are often needed for other things you need to keep on hand. A small, closet-sized storage unit is perfect for keeping your seasonal clothing safely stored while it is not needed.

Kids’ clothes

Rotating and storing kids’ clothing is a constant battle for parents. If you plan on handing items down to future children, you don’t want to throw away or donate everything; but you also don’t want to have unworn clothing taking up valuable closet space. A small storage unit is a fantastic solution to this problem.

Holiday decor

Many families have several boxes full of holiday decor. These boxes are only touched once a year, and their only job for the other 364 days is to sit around and take up space in your garage and attic. Why not get these things out of the house for good? Make space in your home for things that you will actually use, and keep the decor out of sight in a small, rented storage unit.
These are just a few of the many possible uses for a small storage unit. With extremely low prices and convenient access, there’s no reason to not use one of these units when looking to declutter and organize your home.
If you’re looking for secure storage in the Phoenix area, look no further than AZ Mini Storage in Phoenix. With upgraded security features including new cameras and constant monitoring, you can rest assured knowing that your possessions are in the best of hands. Contact AZ Mini Storage today to get started with your storage unit rental.

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