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Renting a Storage Unit in Phoenix: How to Choose

When it comes to deciding which storage facility to use when renting a storage unit in Phoenix, you might think that all your options are created equal. The reality, however, is that that’s not always the case. When you’re trying to decide which storage facility to trust with your valuable possessions, consider these important factors:


A good deal is often at the top of the priority list when it comes to renting a storage unit. However, as with many things in life, you can often get what you pay for. Instead of focusing solely on price, focus on facilities and features, and find an option that meets your criteria and is within your budget. This is the best way to ensure that your items are stored according to your liking.


Obviously, you don’t want just anyone to have access to your storage unit. The best facilities will include some kind of alert system that will be activated whenever your unit is opened. They’ll also have cameras throughout the facility, and airtight policies in place about keying and access hours. Top-notch facilities will even have resident managers on-site 24/7.


You’ll definitely want to find a facility that isn’t too far away. Many companies will have multiple locations, so ask around before settling for a unit that you’ll have to drive several miles to get to.

Climate control

Especially when renting a storage unit in Phoenix, consider holding out for a storage unit that is climate controlled. These units are often located within insulated buildings so that all possessions are protected from outside elements. If you have real wood furniture, musical instruments, or other items that could be damaged by extreme temperatures, make sure you find a storage unit facility with climate-controlled options.

Unit size

Don’t pay for space you aren’t using. If you only have a few things to store, make sure you’re using a rental facility that has smaller-sized units. They are very cost-effective and still store your belongings safely.
You have many options for renting a storage unit in Phoenix, but not all of those options are going to meet your specific needs. When shopping around, don’t forget to call AZ Mini Storage in Phoenix, at 480-386-6022. We offer highly secured storage units that are clean and easily accessible. Chances are, we’re just what you’re looking for!

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