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Simple Hacks for Keeping Your Home Clean and Clutter Free

There’s nothing quite like deep cleaning your house. It’s incredibly refreshing to get rid of clutter, clean out those cramped spaces, and enjoy a cleaner, more organized home.
Of course, it’s not always realistic to spend an entire day cleaning and decluttering your home in one fell swoop. This kind of project is much easier to handle if it’s done consistently, over time.
We’ve discovered some simple tips—life hacks, rules to live by, and just good old common sense—that will help you take baby steps towards a cleaner, more organized home. Don’t feel like you have to implement all of these at once; instead, find one or two that you’d like to try and see how they work for you.

One in, one out.

This popular clutter-prevention method encourages getting rid of an item for every new item you buy. For example, if you buy a new pair of shoes, donate an old pair of shoes. If you buy a new slow cooker for your kitchen, give the old one away. The point of this method is to keep unnecessary or duplicate items from piling up (as they tend to do if you’re not careful!).

The two-minute rule.

Sometimes we look at messes around the house and think, “That will take forever to clean up,” and you end up not cleaning it after all. If that sounds like you, the two-minute rule is worth a try. Tell yourself that you’ll only work on a certain task—like sorting through junk mail, picking up toys, or folding laundry—for two minutes, and no more. Not only will you be surprised how much you can get done in two minutes, but you’ll also likely be willing to keep working beyond the two minutes, once you’ve gotten started. This is a great way to chip away at seemingly large projects that are easy to put off.

Don’t hang on.

If something is broken, stained, torn, or damaged, and you don’t immediately know how to fix it, it’s probably best to just let it go. These types of things tend to hang around your house waiting for the “someday” when they’ll be fixed and used again, but the day never comes. Unless the item has high sentimental value or you plan on fixing it right away, don’t hang on to it.

The permanent “donate” box.

You probably have things around your house that you would be willing to donate, but you might not have time to gather them all up and take them to the closest donation center. This is where it comes in handy to have a permanent “donate” box—a place to put everything you’re ready to donate. When the box is full and you have time, all your stuff is already in one spot, making it easy to load up and go.

Utilize self storage.

Some people think self storage is only useful for big life events, like moving or storing a loved one’s estate. The fact is, self storage is a great option for keeping anything out of the way without getting rid of it completely. This could include things like off-season clothing, outgrown baby clothes/gear, sentimental items, furniture you don’t need but might use someday, and so on. Plus, self storage facilities offer a wide variety of unit sizes, along with high security and even extra features like temperature control, so you can find the exact right unit for your needs.
Having a clutter-free home is worth the effort, but these tips will make it a little simpler. By developing these good habits, your home will be more consistently clean and organized.
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