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Stow It or Throw It? How to Decide What to Store in Your Storage Unit

Deciding what to store in your storage unit can seem overwhelming, but it deserves a good amount of thought. Your unit contains valuable storage space, and you shouldn’t waste it on things that you will end up throwing away or donating eventually. Arizona Storage Centers wants to help you determine what is worth storing, and what you should let go of now. Use our handy guide below to help guide you as you decide how to fill your storage unit.

Stow It: Keep these things in your storage unit

Seasonal items. Storage units are perfect for keeping clothing, home decor, and other items that are not needed year-round. Free up your garage and attic space by keeping these items in a convenient storage unit.
Items with sentimental value. It can be difficult to find a place for sentimental items in your home. Often, they end up cluttering up drawers and closets and never get pulled out again. However, getting rid of these items might be too painful to consider. A storage unit is a great way to keep these things out of your home, while still keeping them in your possession.
Furniture in good condition. If you have furniture that you are not currently using in your home, but it is fully intact and in good condition, it is probably worth storing in a storage unit. You might be able to use these items in a future home, or if not, you could sell them when you are ready to get rid of them.

Throw It: Get rid of these items

Anything that is broken or damaged. Any clothing, furniture, kitchen gadget, dish, or toy that is broken or is seriously damaged is probably not worth hanging on to (unless you are planning on fixing the item immediately). If it is broken but still usable, consider donating it rather than throwing it away.
Excess papers. It might be tempting to hold on to every bill, receipt, and notification you receive, but these things are not often needed in the future, meaning you’re taking up precious storage space by keeping them. Sort through your papers and determine what is truly important (probably only vital documents), and get rid of the rest. Remember: so much information is available online now that you probably don’t need a physical copy of everything. Consider opting for email correspondence from banks, utility companies, and employers so that you can avoid this problem in the future.
Things that don’t get used. This might go without saying, but if something in your home hasn’t been touched for several years, it is time to let it go. If you come across an old mug, toy, or sweater that you forgot you had, that’s a good sign that you won’t miss it. As a bonus, many of these items could be used by others, so consider donating them to a charity!
Sorting through your belongings and determining what to stow and what to throw will make your home cleaner and put your mind at ease. It will also help you make the best use of your storage unit. If you are looking for a storage unit in the Phoenix area that will keep your valuables safe and in good condition, check out AZ Mini Storage. They offer many different options, including climate controlled options, for storing your possessions conveniently and affordably. Call us today at 480-386-6022 to discuss your many storage options!

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