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What Not to Store in Your Storage Unit

A storage unit can be extremely helpful for anyone who is moving or deep cleaning, or for anyone who just has a lot of stuff. If already have a storage unit, or are considering getting one soon, it may be tempting to use it to store absolutely everything! The truth is, though, that not every item is suited for storage. Read on to learn about some items that might not be suitable for keeping in your storage unit.

Musical instruments

Especially considering the Arizona heat, keeping a musical instrument in a storage unit is not always a good idea. The temperature shifts can through the tuning of an instrument way off, which might affect its performance permanently. The exception to this rule is that it’s perfectly acceptable to store these items in a temperature controlled storage unit, which will keep your unit at the right temperature for keeping your items in pristine condition.

Anything you need regularly

It might go without saying, but too many people try to fill up their storage unit completely, and in doing so, they end up storing things that they need right away. While it’s certainly not difficult to get into your storage unit whenever necessary, it will add another step to accessing your possessions. Especially if you are moving, make sure to keep things that you need right away in a very accessible location. If you must put them into your storage unit, label the boxes clearly and keep them near the door, so you’ll be able to get to them easily when the time comes.

Things you don’t want anymore

While preparing to move your things into a storage unit, make sure to get rid of anything you simply don’t want anymore. Don’t let these things take up valuable space in your unit. Instead, donate them, sell them, or throw them away. If you end up putting them in your storage unit, you’ll probably just end up frustrated when you go to take everything out of storage, and you have to deal with the unwanted items anyway. Save yourself the headache later, and just get rid of it now!
People rent storage units for many valid reasons, but not everything is suitable to keep in a storage unit. Use your space wisely and you’ll find that your storage unit will prove to be a fantastic investment! If you’re considering what storage unit option is best for you, call Arizona Mini Storage at 480-386-6022 today. Our storage experts can help you find the best location and unit for your specific needs.

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