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25 Decluttering Projects That Take 15 Minutes or Less

Think you don’t have enough time to declutter your home? Think again! Decluttering is important to do regularly, to keep your home feeling open and clean. And while it is true that you should do some deep decluttering when you can, there are plenty of small decluttering tasks you can take on that will still make a big difference in your home.
In fact, we’ve come up with a list of 25 decluttering projects you can do that will take you about fifteen minutes or less! So stop making excuses, and get to decluttering!
1. Clean out your fridge. 15 minutes is more than enough to toss leftovers or expired food.
2. Clean under your kitchen sink. Take everything out, give it a good scrubbing, put what you need back. Done.
3. Throw away junk mail. You know it’s piling up! Throw out the junk and keep what you need.
4. Clean off your desk. Give your desk a quick once over, throwing away any trash and putting everything else back in its proper place.
5. Clean out your pantry. Throw out old food and put similar foods next to each other.
6. Organize your DVDs/Blu-rays. Make sure each disk is in its proper case. If something’s missing, throw it out.
7. Clean under your bed. Pull it all out, vacuum, put back what really belongs there!
8. Clean out your junk drawer. Dump it out and be picky about what you put back.
9. Tackle the medicine cabinet. Take everything out of the cabinet, wipe it down well. Check for expired products, and throw away anything you don’t use regularly.
10. Clear off your nightstand. Stop waking up to clutter! Limit yourself to 3-4 items on your nightstand, tops!
11. Organize your tupperware. Make sure everything has a matching lid. If it doesn’t, it’s time to toss it.
12. Clean out your car. Take two plastic bags. Use one for trash, and one for everything else. Take the trash straight out, and take everything else inside to sort through.
13. Vacuum under the couch cushions. Not exactly “decluttering,” but it will certainly help your home feel cleaner!
14. Clear the area around your kitchen sink. You really only need hand soap, and maybe a dish brush. Everything else should go somewhere else!
15. Make space on your computer’s desktop. If you’re uncomfortable deleting things, create a single folder that you can put all your desktop files in.
16. Sort through your board games. Missing pieces? Broken boxes? Toss them!
17. Get rid of old magazines. No, you’ll never read them again. Get rid of anything more than a month or two old.
18. Fill up a “donate” box. Find an empty box, and spend 15 minutes walking through your whole house, looking for things to donate.
19. Clean out your wallet. This technically isn’t for your home, but it will help you feel more in control! Empty out your wallet, and only put back the things you use often.
20. Organize a dresser drawer. Choose one drawer in your dresser that really needs help. Spend 15 minutes clearing it out!
21. Clean up your bathtub/shower area. The surrounds of your bathtub and shower often accumulate extra soap/shampoo products that you don’t need. Clear it off!
22. Sort through your cleaning supplies. Go through your cleaning supplies and throw away anything you don’t use or like.
23. Tackle your laundry space. Streamline the chore of laundry by making sure everything you need is within reach. Throw away any superfluous items.
24. Hit the coat closet. Spend a few minutes hanging up fallen coats and clearing stuff off the floor.
25. Clear out the spice rack. Spices tend to be forgotten or ignored. Glance through your spice rack or cabinet, and throw away anything that’s expired.
These 25 quick projects will create more space in your home and in your mind! Take control of your life again with these insanely fast decluttering projects.
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