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Clean, Cleaner, Cleanest: Taking Spring Cleaning to the Next Level

Spring is well under way, especially in Arizona. In fact, Phoenix and its surrounding areas are gearing up for the inevitable, triple-digit summer that is just around the corner.
That being said, there’s still some time to squeeze in some spring cleaning, so your home can be in good shape for the coming season. Take a look at some of these things you can do to take your spring cleaning to the next level—whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been “done” for weeks.

Deep clean your appliances.

All the surfaces of your home may be spick and span, but chances are, your appliances need some attention, too. This is especially true for appliances that are supposed to be cleaning for you, like your dishwasher or washing machine. Here are a few quick tips for deep cleaning major appliances:
Refrigerator: Dust or scrub top, vacuum underneath. Remove any removable shelves or drawers and wash with hot water and soap. Keep an open box of baking soda in the back of the fridge to absorb any odors.
Oven: Run the self-cleaning mode on the oven according to the user manual, or search for products specifically for oven cleaning (take care: these products are often very potent!)
Dishwasher: A good scrubbing will do wonders for your dishwasher. If you have caked on food, run a cycle with a cup of vinegar on the top rack, and then clean immediately after. Also, locate where your model’s filter is, and remove and clean it.
Washing machine and dryer: Many popular brands are now making products that are specifically for cleaning your washing machine. Just run a cycle using the product, and you’re done! Deep cleaning your dryer requires thorough lint removal; you will want to remove either the top or front panel (depending on your model) and then use a vacuum attachment to clean lint from around the drum.

Clean out the garage.

Cleaning out closets or under beds is pretty standard for spring cleaning. If you want to take it to the next level, tackle the place where all the extra “stuff” seems to accumulate: the garage. This is especially important for Arizonans to do before it gets too hot, because once the warmer temperatures hit, you won’t want to be in your garage for extended periods of time.
Start by clearing out all the excess. What do you absolutely need to keep on hand? What can you move to an off-site, self storage unit? And what can you simply throw away? Pull everything out of the garage and sort it all into these three piles. Be picky about what you keep!
Give your garage floor a good wash, and fix any major problems with lighting, drywall, or hardware. If you can, install shelving that will keep your garage neater. Then start to put everything back. Who knows—maybe your car will even fit now!

Tackle the “big, little” projects.

Small house projects can add up and start to feel “big,” really quickly. Take a quick inventory of your house and note the things that need to be done. Consider things like light bulb replacement, holes or dents in the drywall, dirty air filters, clogged drains, dusty window sills, broken shelves, etc. Once you have your list, set aside a couple hours to tackle these projects all at once. If a project is beyond your skill level, call a handyman. Having that task off your plate will be a relief! Once all these projects are done, you’ll feel much better about the state of your home.
Spring cleaning is usually all about dust rags, all-purpose cleaners, and vacuums. But by taking it to the next level, you can give your home the ultimate refresh for spring and summer.
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