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4 Moving Day Tips to Make Life Easier

Moving day can be exciting or stressful. It all depends on the reason for your move. There’s a lot to get done, and the last thing you need is the extra stress of having something go wrong. Here are several tips that can help the adventure go smoother.

1. Make sure you’ve notified your local post office of your change of address. The last thing you want is for your personal mail to fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, identity thieves are always on the prowl. They can steal your identity long before you realize your credit has taken a dive. 

2. Get organized before you move. At the very best, most movers will pack clothing, furniture and other items as neatly as possible. However, 99 percent of the migrating class will fail to draw a floor plan to match the old furnishings with their new home’s space. It’s simple! Just tag your furnishings with numbers on your floor plan. Identifiable numbers can make it so much easier on your moving party. 

3. If you’ve hired a company for the move, make sure you’re present when your furnishings are packed and unpacked. Make sure everything is complete on the inventory list before signing off. Sooner, rather than later, is when you need to know if an item is damaged, lost or stolen. 

4. Make sure there’s adequate space for parking when the moving truck delivers. If you’re moving into a new home or apartment, chances are adequate parking space will be available. However, moving into a high-rise presents a different scenario. You may have to block off parking space well ahead of time. You may also have to reserve an elevator.

If your friends are helping you move, make sure you’ve taken the time to box everything. It’ll make the moving adventure a lot easier. It’s also a sign of respect for your friends.

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