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5 Things You Should Stop Storing and Give to Charity

At Cactus Storage, we’re always on the lookout for helpful tips and ideas to help you use your storage unit more effectively. We realize that a more organized storage unit leads to a much better experience and will help you avoid unnecessary stress.
Our customers use their storage units to store a wide variety of items for both personal and business use. We often see people storing items that they think they might use down the road only to find out in the end that it would’ve been better to simply get rid of a long time ago. With that in mind here is a list of 5 things you should stop storing and give to charity now before they end up stressing you out:

1. Old Winter Coats

We realize that here in Phoenix there are those 2 or 3 days a year that you might actually need a winter coat to stay warm. For those occasions, it’s good to keep winter coats that fit and are also in good condition. However, holding onto old winter coats that no longer fit or are in need of repair simply takes up way too much space in your storage unit. You’d be better off to donate these coats to a charity that can get them to the right people in time for those 2 of 3 cold winter days.

2. Baby Clothes

If there’s a baby coming soon to the family, then it’s a good idea to hang onto those baby clothes. But some people find themselves storing baby clothes just in case something comes up down the road. There are 2 things to consider when it comes to the long-term storing of baby clothes:
· Research shows that more than 16 million children in the United States live in families with incomes below the poverty level – this includes babies that could use the clothes you are hanging onto.
· Just like any other clothing, baby clothes go in and out of style. You might find that you store your baby clothes so long that they are no longer in style when you finally have use for them.

3. Old Toys

Many parents are finding that the toy situation in their homes can quickly get out of control if they aren’t careful. In fact, most parents would agree that they could probably get rid of half of the toys they currently have without their child even noticing. We realize it’s tough to get rid of toys that you feel you spent so much money on. But unless they are collector’s items, they will end up taking way too much space in your storage unit.

4. Blankets

Here’s another item that could probably be put to good use by someone else rather than sitting in storage. The tough thing about blankets is that they are tricky to store. They are big and bulky and when you put more than a few into a moving box, they can be heavy as well. Instead of storing old blankets that you have no use for, give them to charity so someone else can enjoy them.

5. Old Boots and Shoes

When we first start choosing what to keep in storage and what can go, typically we find ourselves hanging onto items that cost the most. This is especially true with boots and shoes. Not only are shoes expensive, but if well designed and constructed, they can last for a long time. If you’re only storing shoes and boots for a short time, it makes sense to keep them. But if you’re simply hanging onto them with the hope that someday they will become useful again, like an old pair of motorcycle boots from your “wild” days, you’re probably smarter to let them go now.
For more tips or ideas on storage organization or to find out more about local charities that accept donations, feel free to contact Cactus Storage at 480-386-6022.

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