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6 Steps to a Capsule Wardrobe

Ask anyone to tell you about the most cluttered areas of their home, and there’s a good chance their list will include at least one closet. Our closets can get so overloaded with clothes, shoes, and accessories that there is hardly room to close the doors.
Perhaps this is what appeals to so many people about a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are basically a minimalist’s solution to dressing, paring down a closet to only the most essential pieces that can mix and match to create several perfect outfits. It’s an appealing solution, but how can it really be done?
We’ve broken down the process into six easy steps. If you think a capsule wardrobe might be for you, read on!

1. Get inspired.

This could be as simple as doing an Internet search for “capsule wardrobe,” although more specific sites, like Pinterest, would definitely be useful. Getting a good idea of what a capsule wardrobe looks like—the pieces you need and the rules you should follow—will help you as you get started.

2. Define your style.

Although your capsule wardrobe will be very minimalist, it should still be a reflection of your own personal style. Which invites the question: do you know what your personal style is? Once again, spend some time online researching different clothing styles and finding out what you like best. Also take into account the styles, cuts, fits, and colors that suit you. When you’re working with a pared down wardrobe, you’ve got to love every single piece.

3. Plan it out.

Now that you have a good idea of what you want your capsule wardrobe to look like, get into the specifics a little more. What exact pieces do you need to make your vision a reality? How many tops, dresses, pairs of pants, pairs of shoes, etc., will you need for your wardrobe? Create a list and be as specific as you can.

4. Shop your closet.

When you’re ready to actually start building your wardrobe, start with what you already have. Look at the list you’ve made and pull out all the pieces that meet your criteria. Set them aside and try creating outfit combinations with them. See how many different outfits you can make using only those pieces. Get creative, but make sure you only create outfits you will actually wear. Make sure you include accessories (belts, hats, scarves, jewelry) and shoes in your outfit planning. Make note of pieces that you don’t have but could really use.

5. Purge!

Now that you’ve picked the most useful pieces out of your closet, you can forget about all the rest—seriously! If it’s not going to fit into your new wardrobe, you don’t need it, period. Donate or sell the pieces that are in good shape, and throw away everything else. If that’s a little too much for you to handle, or if you aren’t 100% committed to your capsule wardrobe, you might want to consider using a self-storage unit to store all your extra clothes until you are ready to let go of them for good.

6. Shop for what you’re missing.

Fill in the blanks of your capsule wardrobe with a quick shopping trip. Try to buy good quality pieces that will wear well and wash well: they’ll be getting a lot of use!
A capsule wardrobe isn’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling fed up with the overflowing closet it may be the perfect solution. Hopefully, creating a capsule wardrobe simplifies your life and allows you to enjoy a lot more free space in your closet.
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