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6 Tips for Creating a Productive Work Space at Home

Working from home can be extremely convenient. It nixes your commute, allows you to work in your pajamas, and may even help make childcare more manageable. But it’s not always easy to be as productive at home as you would be at an office.
If you’re looking to create a productive work space at home, we have six tips that just might help you get there.

Designate a Space.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a home “office,” but almost everyone should be able to find some space in their home that they can use for work, and only for work. Setting aside that space will allow you to focus better when you’re in that space. Think about it: if you’re trying to work while sitting on your bed, all your body will want to do is go to sleep! If you’re having trouble finding some room, think outside the box: closets, unused corners, or even a specific stretch of counter space could work.

Get a “desk.”

You might think you’ll be able to work well without a desk or desk-like surface, but the truth is, you’ll be much more productive if you do have a desk, table, or counter to rest your computer and materials on. A desk also allows you to set up a more ergonomically friendly environment, with your computer closer to eye level and less strain on your wrists.

Don’t skimp on seating.

Currently using a cheap folding chair in your workspace? No wonder you want to get up for a break every ten minutes. Get a comfortable chair that allows you to sit for longer stretches of time, so you can work more consistently.

Light it Up.

Good lighting will reduce strain on your eyes, so you won’t get tired as easily while you’re working. The best option is good old fashioned daylight, so set up by a window if possible. If you can’t be by a window, or if you work at night, try a daylight lamp, or simply use a bulb that emits a good amount of bright, pleasant light.

Stay organized.

While some might say that chaos invites creativity, keeping a well-organized work space is more likely to help you be productive and efficient while you’re working. You’ll be able to find things more easily, and you’ll feel much more at peace and in control.

Add inspiring touches.

Sometimes, we just don’t feel like working. Try to counteract that resistance by including something in your workspace that inspires and motivates you. Whether it’s a picture of your family, a motivational quote, or a vision board of your goals and dreams, this will help you turn your workspace into a place that you actually want to be, and it will help you push through when things get hard.
As long as you have a productive workspace that inspires you to get things done, working from home can be a very convenient and beneficial thing. Follow these tips to create your own workspace, and get ready to be a little more productive.
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