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Bedroom Storage on a Budget

You almost never hear people say “I wish my house had less storage space.” It seems like people are always looking for new and creative ways to add more storage to their homes. And while many people tend to focus on adding storage to their kitchen, bathroom, or closet, just about every room in your house could probably use a little storage upgrade—including the bedroom.
Expensive storage solutions will do the trick, but if you want to stay budget friendly, you might have to get a little creative when adding storage to your bedroom. Here are some of our best ideas on how to maximize bedroom storage on a budget.

Multi-use furniture.

Furniture is most likely going to be your biggest expense when it comes to bedroom storage, so you want to be smart with it. For example, you could get a bed with storage built into the headboard, or with drawers built in underneath. Not ready to invest in a new bed? Think smaller. Nightstands can double as bookshelves, storage drawers, or even dressers. A bench with a lid can serve as storage for linens or shoes. Choosing furniture that also gives you storage is a super smart way to add more storage to your bedroom.

Use the wall space.

Sometimes, we think wall space is just for pictures or artwork, but wall space can be used for storage! A floating shelf or two will instantly add a good amount of storage space for books, plants, and other knick knacks. And adhesive hooks (a great option for renters) add some storage to a room, too, giving you a place to hang bags, hats, scarves, or jackets.

Store things under the bed.

It’s the oldest trick in the book, for good reason. Your bed takes up a lot of real estate in your bedroom, and the space under the bed can sometimes go to waste. To store smaller items, old shoe boxes will do the trick. If you have bigger things to store under the bed, you might want to invest in some under-bed boxes. They are usually not too expensive and can hold a lot. You can also get bed risers to help accommodate larger boxes, if needed.

Buy secondhand.

When you’re on a budget, buying used items can be your saving grace. Thankfully, if you keep it simple with plain bookshelves or nightstands, you will likely be able to find some good pieces at a very low price.

Use the back of your doors.

Over the door storage solutions are fairly inexpensive and can add a lot of storage space to a room. There are wire shelving units that can be used for books, notebooks, office supplies or other personal items. You can also get over the door shoe organizers, but don’t limit them to just storing shoes! You can stuff socks, scarves, or even toiletries into those shoe pouches, adding a lot more storage, with minimal cost and effort.
Adding more storage to your bedroom doesn’t have to be a big, expensive ordeal. Try one of these solutions for adding affordable storage to your bedroom, and start enjoying a more organized space!
Need somewhere to store all your extra stuff? Decluttering always makes organizing easier. Self-storage is a great option for this, and Arizona Storage Centers can give you the affordable, secure storage you’ve been looking for in the Phoenix area. We have locations in Phoenix, Glendale, Deer Valley, Chandler, and Gilbert, so great storage is never far away. Visit one of our centers today, or call us at 480-386-6022 for more information.

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